Jan 15, 2010

Sometimes life has a sudden way of slapping you in the face. Hard.
And then you just want to hide away in your bedroom under the covers and cry
for all the hours of the day, even if it is pretty and sunny outside.
Because inside it's a sad day.

So my dear blog readers, I ask you,
what do you say to a best friend who has just found out some potentially
very frightening news?

when she is slowly losing hope in her health?
and you really can't imagine what she must be going through?

I wish I knew the most comforting words, or some song to play to soothe her
most worrisome mind.

But I feel like all I can really do is try to listen and give a hug or two, or three, or four, or more.

and keep repeating,
"just think positive
think positive
think positive"

Now we just have to wait to see what happens...and I'm just praying and hoping
that everything is going to be okay.

Treasure your friends, nurture your true friendships.
Make time for coffee or tea or dessert, or all three,
or a phone call, a walk,
a craft project, or a talk.
It's so important, and that is clearer to me today than it has ever been.

photos source: weheartit.com

Jan 14, 2010

Finding the Perfect Valentine's Day Dress, Day 3

No, my dear readers, I have not forgotten about our little search for the
Perfect Valentine's Day Dress
Day 1 focused mainly on a variety of red dresses, Day 2 on the pretty pink ones.

Now. . .
How's this BEAUTY for a new take on what we're looking for?
1930's. Sweetheart Neckline. Bias cut. Puff sleeves.
And just look at those sequined heart pockets!
I find it to be quite stunning, and can just imagine the romantic date it would be perfect for, can you?

From PranceAndSwagger on Etsy

Worthy of a Jaw-dropping dress award, for SURE!

Jan 13, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist, Vintage Sweaters for Animal Lovers!

I'm a sucker for "cutesy" stuff sometimes, especially when it has to do with
adorable animals on warm vintage sweaters.
Aren't these just darling?

Which one is your favorite?

I have a hard time choosing, but that first owl sweater is quite charming.
Look at those eyes!
I also really love the horse one.










This one below is in French, but translates as
"The more men I meet the more I love my dog..."
Ever feel that way, girls? ;)



Jan 12, 2010

Fresh Batch of Country Chic

Haven't posted a shop update in a while, but that doesn't mean I haven't been listing, my dears. Cannot let that New Year's resolution fail me, (the one about listing new items every week.) January is in FULL SWING here in the mitten, and these pretty items from the shop have a dash of country girl flare.

Don't you just love that dirndl? Those are some of my favorite style of dresses. The skirt has some heart shapes with floral detail too. . .
did someone say Valentine's day?

Jan 11, 2010

Look on the Bright Side

Today I wanted my outfit to be fun and colorful.
Later on we're going sledding so warmth was a key factor too!

The pink boots I just found recently.
Imagine how happy I was that they were in my size!

I have a cat named Linus so I couldn't resist this sweater I found one day while thrifting. (notice the cute mice at the bottom.) Adorable!

Underneath I have on my favorite grey cashmere turtleneck sweater. I should definitely be staying warm in this!

Besides posting pics of my outfit I had to do a little show and tell today too! Guess what that yellow thing is below!

have you ever seen one of these before?
Is it a sea flower?

An afternoon snack?
A baby octopus, possibly?

When I first saw it I thought it looked like what the baby of a lemon and an octopus would look like!

It's actually called a Buddha's Hand and I found it yesterday at the
grocery store. It smells AMAZING you guys! Like lemonade. I think it's primarily
used for zest purposes, but I just like having it around for the novelty and
scent. :)

Some things to keep you happy during the winter: Tons of tropical, exotic fruit,
aromatherapy, and bright colors.


Light of my life, Beacon of hope

We have many roles to play in our lives, don't we? Coworker, daughter, sister, peer, friend, etc.

My favorite role is that of being a mother. :)

There are many things that bring my life happiness.

Vintage dresses, AS YOU KNOW, are quite the little obsession of mine.
Dark chocolate is a best friend on a daily basis.
And sunshine coming through my window is something I always love!

But there's nothing in my life that compares to the happiness I get from this little star, my son.
I'm inspired to write about him today because we had such a wonderful and creative weekend!

I've got the coolest kid, and I'm not just saying that because I'm his mama! ;)

Moms, is there any greater joy in the world than seeing true happiness on the face of your child/ren?

I realized recently that I don't often post about my real life, so I made a new resolution for the year to do just that. :)

I know my blog readers know me as a dress-obsessed vintage fashionista, ;-P but this little boy is actually what my life and heart revolves around.

How many of you are mamas? I love that kids are like these little plants and you nurture them, feed and water them, and then you watch in amazement at how they change and grow. Observing this with my own son Lukas is one of the truest blessings my life has ever known. ♥♥

Happy Monday!
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