Sep 6, 2011

September's First Shop Update

Friends, it's happening. The days are already shorter, it's starting to get darker earlier. Temps have dropped drastically within a matter of only a few days, (wasn't I JUST at the beach a few days ago and it was near 100 degrees?) My mitten state is wild at heart, and one of my favorite seasons is pretty much here even if the calendar says it isn't so just yet. I kinda get sad seeing all of the blackberries nearly gone! My son Lukas just started school today and I wiped away a few tears as I drove away. This is THE most nostalgic time of the year for me. . . any of you feel the same way? While you're thinking on it, enjoy the first shop update of September, complete with browns, burgundies, plaid, some wool, and a bit of pink just for that lil' Lola Vintage touch. ;)

Chunky Knit Cranberry Cardigan Sweater, vintage 80s
Autumn Paisley Blouson Dress, vintage 80s
ESCADA Turquoise Suede Wrap Skirt, vintage 80s
Burgundy Velvet Fitted Skirt Suit, vintage 70s
Cotton Denim Blue Jean Vest, vintage 70s
Mod Plaid Belted Shift Dress, vintage 60s
Honey Brown Embroidered Wool Sweater Coat, vintage 80s
Autumn Plaid A-line Skirt, vintage 70s
Metallic Blush V neck Sweater, vintage 80s

Blue Jean Artist DENIMU

Recently stumbled upon the work of the artist known as DENIMU.
I enjoyed reading his artist statement. Aren't these pieces beautiful? I love textured collage work, especially when the upcycling of clothing is involved. I want to contact him to send him my old pairs of jeans for use in his future projects!

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