Aug 19, 2011

Friday Shop Update

Friends and loyal customers of Lola Vintage, if you haven't already heard Etsy's new default relevancy search has been bringing sellers a little down in the dumps for the last week or so. But I keep telling myself, I MUST NOT let this get to me and make me stop doing what I love to do! Here's the latest batch of goodies since the new change, and fret not if you don't see an item listed just yet, it's coming today for sure! I think the trick (for sellers) with the new searching algorithm is to try to think like Google! We'll see, though, I'm still in the process of reworking all of my listings. P.s. if you're ever on the site and want to see what I have new, just look for the tag "lolavintage". I try to add my shop name to each of my listings and it has seemed to help views!

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Feminine Gray Leather Jacket, vintage 80s
Ruffled Cotton White Day Dress, vintage 70s
Osh Kosh B'Gosh Blue Jean Jumper, vintage 70s
Dotted Illusion Lace Cream Dress, vintage 80s
Burgundy Leather Jacket, vintage 70s
Pointelle Knit Keyhole Sweater Dress, vintage 70s
Raspberry Chiffon Cocktail Dress, vintage 80s

Aug 17, 2011

The Perfect Man. Mid-Week LOLs

Ever since this happened I've sort of been daydreaming about what I'm now looking for in a mate. My mom tells me, "Mija, you just need to write everything down that you want, and focus on that." Well, I have some good news for my mama, I think I've found what I'm looking for! ;)

Hope you all get a few laughs, I love this guy. I believe the Brawny website used to let people make their own Brawny Man videos and that's where these originally came from.

What's not to like about this lumberjack and his log cabin? LOL!

He loves your new haircut!

He's a great listener!

He admires your natural beauty!

He remembers your birthday!

He gives foot massages while fresh bread is baking in the oven!

He encourages your shopping addiction!

For those of you who want more Brawny Man videos, there's a few additional ones here.

Aug 16, 2011

Stella McCartney's Dots

I love when the Vogue & Elle Collections issues come out! Makes for quite an indulgent afternoon sipping an iced mocha while spending a couple hours looking over what's new on the runway.

Stella McCartney's black dotted illusion lace dresses were some of my favorites. They're pretty sexy, but still leave a bit to the imagination. I like how the lines of the different materials do something interesting with the silhouette. I'd really have to be feeling a little daring to wear some of these though! The peplum pantsuit (4th one down) is my absolute favorite. I'd LOVE to rock that outfit with red lipstick & shiny heels! 

Since the pieces above are most likely well over most of our budgets, here are some more affordable and similar dotted illusion pieces from ETSY. The second one (the blouse) has tiny little dotted hearts. Cute!




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