Feb 3, 2011

The Tulips Came Early This Year

Yeah, I know, can you believe it? ;)

No school yesterday due to Snowtorious BIG (my favorite of the snowstorm nicknames) meant I had to think fast before cabin fever overcame us with sadness and boredom. After promising hot chocolate for when we came back in, I finally convinced my son Lukas we needed to go out and play in all of that cold white stuff! It was fun. And just like I suspected, after all of that initial whining of "It's too cold out there, Mom!", he didn't even want to come back in when it was time. Silly child o' mine!

My pretend winter tulips.
Jack, my favorite cat on the planet, checking out what's going on outside.
Cheer up already, little boy!
Looking about 5 times his normal size while making snow angels. He laughed when he saw this picture.
I got this adorable raccoon hat for Christmas from my boyfriend's dad. Isn't it cute? And how 'bout that 1980s down ski jacket? (thrifted) Both incredibly warm! :)
Oh, and the tulips are from my sweet man who brought them to me last week. I thought they deserved to be photographed before they wilted.

Feb 2, 2011

I want to dress how she is painted

Camila do Ros├írio's illustrations are some of the prettiest I've ever seen.This one below especially, immediately attracted my eyes. I wonder if the artist was inspired by Frida Kahlo for this particular piece, the hair made me think so.  I LOVE the outfit - the colors, the flowers and feathers, the details on the blouse. This outfit would be my favorite if it were a part of my closet.

View the rest of the artist's work here on her flickr page.

Feb 1, 2011

Just for the Frill of It

Happy Tuesday! Just a little update showing off some ruffles and lace making the shop pretty lately. I'm a girl who loves frills, so there will never be lack of it in the shop, promise. :)

oh, and before I forget there's a $20 and Under SALE going on in the shop too, don't miss out, one of your faves might be included!


{ Shop Lola }

Jan 31, 2011

Happy Thank You More Please

I want to see this! I think the release date is in March. 

"With g r a t i t u d e the universe is eternally abundant." 

The best book about learning to be grateful:

Jan 30, 2011

Botanical Heavens

In the dread of a Michigan winter, my chosen mini-vacation is the local botanical garden greenhouse, which is, fortunately for me, just minutes away from my apartment. Filled with oxygen-rich greenery and tropical plants and flowers, the huge greenhouse is the ultimate little spot to get away while it's snowy and cold just outside. When my mom was visiting last week, I made it a point to take her there - I have wanted to for so long, and was super happy that we made it because, being the green thumb that she is herself, she loved it!

Enjoy some of my favorite images from our 2 hour visit. After we walked around, we just sat at a table set up by the waterfall and talked and relaxed. Ahhh, humid bliss, even in the dead of January.

Honestly though, this place never fails to fascinate me, no matter what month of the year it is.

What a spring tease this visit ended up being!
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