Aug 20, 2010

Novelty Print of the Day -- 60's Vintage GIBSON GIRLS & BIKES Print Mini Dress

Oh my, how I love this print! If the dress were my size, there's no way I'd be featuring it, because I would definitely be bidding on it myself. ;)
The 1960's really are chock full of fun prints on dresses, aren't they? This nostalgic print of the 19th century is like a collage of history right on the body. Like wearing art. It seems to be celebrating the invention of the bicycle too, notice that? *So cool* I will most surely be jealous of the winning bidder of this dress, whomever that LUCKY girl will be!

For sale by Bunny's Vintage Boutique on Ebay.

Aug 19, 2010

"Thank you for your Stink Eye!"

If you've been following my tweets then you probably already know that I've been working on the Scream 4 set these past few days! Aside from the graveyard shift, (night to early am hours, OUCH!) it's been really fun. I just had to blog about it today because at the end of a scene where a handful of us got to look and shout like angry neighbors last night, award-winning writer and director Wes Craven himself came and shook our hands and thanked us. *Awesome!*

Admittedly, I'm not a very big horror movie fan, but I DID watch every Freddy Krueger movie that was popular in the 80's, (thanks to my big brother) and they FREAKED ME OUT.

Thanks for coming to the Mitten to film your movie, Mr. Craven! I've only watched the first Scream, but I promise to watch the others so I can understand the story a little better when I go see Scream 4!

Cheers to the Michigan Film Incentive!

Aug 18, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist :: Dramatic Ruffles!

Lately, I've been loving the drama of huge ruffles! These vintage pieces below especially, have been playing with the idea of flirting with my wallet. I'm not sure I could pull off many of these pieces though, as I possess a very petite frame, and I feel like it would just be too much for my little body. So I feel kinda jealous of a girl who can make these oh-so-over-the-top pieces work for her! That first piece is my favorite of all, isn't it fantastic? I love that it looks so comfy too. If you take a peek, wait till you see the back!

Ruffles on your wishlist: Yes or no?

Indie Cult Vintage
American Archive
Things of Splendor

Aug 17, 2010

Lacey Melange

Just a little sneak preview of what's coming to the shop before the week is up. I am always wondering what kind of "feel" my shop has and often think it lacks that strong definite signature. What I do know though, is that I always love what I put in my shop, or else it would never have made its way there in the first place. Is that a given? I know it's pretty vague, but it's true. Looking at these pieces, a few things are obvious: I like bows and lace, feminine silhouettes most definitely, and always (regular blog readers surely know this one) ALWAYS novelty prints.
Just to name a few. ;)

I *do* hope the items I put in the shop somehow or another say "Lola Vintage".
What do you think?

Keep an eye out for these and more items this week in the shop!


1950's Tea Green Mad Men Dress
Mad Men Bow Dress, 1950's

1960's signed David Smith Painter's Palette Skirt/skorts
Painters Palette signed David Smith Skirt, 1960's

1970's Black Lace Wide Leg STEVIE Pants
vintage Wide Leg black lace pants, 1970's

70's Vanilla and Lace Puff Sleeve Dress
Vanilla and Lace Dress, 1970's

vintage 50's Everyday Valentine Heart Flowers Skirt
(wait till you see this print up close, it's SO CUTE!)
Heart Flowers Skirt, 1950's

Norma Kamali 1980's Victorian Inspired Lace Blouse
Norma Kamali Ecru Lace Blouse, 1980's

1950's Peek-a-boo Bodice Black Cotton Dress with Bow Belt
Peek-a-boo bodice dress, 1950's

Novelty Print of the Day -- vintage 50's ALASKA, The 49th State Red Sun Dress

Alaskans, how's this for state pride?
This eye-popping red vintage 50's sun dress celebrates Alaska becoming the 49th state in the US of A. I can't get over those little igloos, just one tiny detail among many on this unique, surely one-of-a-kind patriotic print dress. My favorite part of the listing is where the seller states, "Please hold any Palin jokes." heehe.

Find this beauty for sale by Jumblelaya on Ebay.

Aug 16, 2010

Music Monday : For Grandma

I lost my Grandma Dolores 5 years ago today. Before that day, I don't think I had ever experienced true grief. We were very close and I am forever thankful for that. A little bit about her: She was Mexican-American and often spoke Spanish with her English. She was also an AMAZING cook, and such a wonderfully caring mother and grandma to a great big Hispanic family that continues to grow. AND, just as a little side note, my little etsy shop is actually named after her, as many people referred to her as "Lola". :)

I will never forget all of the times Grandma made it a point to cook me anything my heart desired on my birthday. We also bonded on many occasions staying up late at night while talking about the times when she herself was a young woman. I treasure these memories so dearly!

The two songs below by The Innocence Mission had, at the time of her death, helped me accept her passing. The group's lead singer Karen Peris, had lost her father shortly before recording the album (titled "We Walked In Song"). I love the words to both songs so much! If you've ever had someone close to you pass, I hope you find comfort in the lyrics as I did then, and still do now... ♥

♫ All these things I want you to be part of. . .
darling, you'll be. ♫

"Since I still tell you my everyday"

♫ In me will you shine. . . ♫

"Lake Shore Drive"

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