Jan 7, 2010

Finding the Perfect Valentine's Day Dress, Day 2

In case you missed yesterday's post, the search is on to find
the Perfect Valentine's Day dress!
Yesterday's post focused mainly on drop dead gorgeous red dresses, but perhaps you have no desire at all to wear red on Valentine's day. Maybe it is some shade of pink that you're wishing for.
hmmm. . .

these 5 vintage beauties are well-worth some consideration, don't you think so?

I love this happy, bright shade of pink, and the flower appliques are delightful!

This pale pink sleeveless dress is loveliness in simplicity.
I want to twirl in that full skirt!

Another gorgeous bright shade, and the bow on the bodice is an
extra feminine touch.

More bows! What an attention getter, and so lady like!

Breathtakingly beautiful! Is there anything more to say? Look
at all of that Chantilly lace!

I'm really enjoying finding these beauties to show and tell to my blog readers!
Let me know if you end up buying one of these dresses for yourself,
I would LOVE to see a picture!



  1. This is such a sweet take on Valentine's dresses, I love them! Especially the pale pink number in the middle.

  2. The first and last ones are my faves. Such a great idea to be thinking about this now.... it's -17 degrees here and I cannot imagine ever wearing a dress like those if it stays this way... but it's nice to dream and the colours are FAB !!!

  3. Brilliant pics and lovely blog!



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