Nov 6, 2010

Warm November Batch

Here's the latest batch of goodies being listed in the shop this weekend!
Temps are droppin' fast here in the mitten. Thankfully though, the sunshine is brilliantly bright today, which makes my work-at-home day all the more enjoyable. All window curtains are open, broccoli, chicken & cheese casserole is cooking in the oven, and my cup of hot jasmine green tea sits on my desktop. Don't you just LOVE the cozy part of this weather?

Stay warm in these pretties during this chilly Fall & Winter season, and don't worry, if you don't yet see an item in the shop yet, it will be there by Sunday evening!

{Shop Lola}
Rust Knit Wool Blend Sweater Dress, 1980's
Nubby Knit Wheat Brown Sweater, 1970's
Black Leather Wood Stacked Ankle Boots, 1980's
Lanz Originals Linen Dress with Wood Buttons, 1960's
Silk Paisley Dress, 1980s
Painted Roses Tiered Black Dress, 1970's
Cotton Denim Shirt, vintage 70's
Tan Corduroy Jumper Dress, 1970's
Perfect Long Autumn Sweater
Black Suede Tall boots, 1980's

Nov 3, 2010

Fashion Hors d'oeuvres

Who knew there would be a time when I would be calling a line of accessories "deeelicious!". The following photos are the work of photographer Fulvio Bonavia. Aren't they fabulous?

I always get such a kick out of food as fashion. I'd love to sport that broccoli purse this season, and imagine telling someone your shoes were made out of eggplants!

Be sure to check out his site to see the noodle necklace, cauliflower cap, garlic boots and more.

Hungry yet? ;)


Nov 2, 2010

Novelty Print of the Day -- 1950's PIECES OF MAIL Day Dress

I've never seen a print like this! I'm in love with this fun dress.
Wish I could wear this on my trip to the post office this morning.
Let's never make snail mail a thing of the past. Isn't it a great feeling
to find something special addressed to you (that's not a bill) in your mailbox? A dress as a tribute to old-fashioned correspondence; I'm betting we don't see one like this for awhile!

For sale by Sixsexsix.

Nov 1, 2010

Music Monday 2 : For River . . .

17 years ago on this day I woke up to the sound of the news on TV that would make my emotional teenage self cry almost all day long. One of my favorite actors had died a tragic death at the age of 23. He was such a huge part of my generation and I think losing him was very sad for many people around my age. Every November 1st, I find myself listening to this song simply titled "River" from Natalie Merchants album, Tigerlily.  It's my way of  remembering this beautiful young actor whom we had the pleasure of watching on the big screen, even for just the short time that he was here.

Rest in Peace, sweet Prince.

♫ With candles, with flowers. . . he was one of ours ♫

Music Monday : Sometimes, Always - A love song

Ahh, Love. And it's not even February yet.
I'm sorry dear blogger friends, but I'm a *hopeful* romantic, I can't help it. My parents were married young, have been married for almost 40 years, and they're still in love. Knowing this makes me happier than I can tell you. I always think that the reason why they are still together is because they made it a point to get through the bad times together no matter how hard it was during those moments.

Admittedly, I myself am still learning about the L word. But here's what I do know. . .

Oh, you're a lucky son, lucky son-of-a gun
mi amour

I tried other things, kept myself busy, all the while knowing deep down that there was only one man in my heart. This is our song and story. ;)

How I love this video, what with the cowboys and all. . . and Hope Sandoval ranks among my top 3 singers of all time.

"Sometimes, Always" by The Jesus and Mary Chain

Oct 31, 2010

October Black and a Little Surprise

A little shop update, fit for this Halloween day. . . complete with a Halloween surprise at the end! :)

Today marks the 4th birthday of one of my favorite kids in the world! I
couldn't believe this little boy was born on Halloween night when he came into the world 4 years ago today. Happy birthday to my sweet nephew, Isaac!
In celebration of this special day, I'm having a
SALE in the SHOP now until Wednesday night.
Take advantages of lower prices (15% off of everything) while you can! And again,
happy Halloween to all of you!

Happy Birthday, Sweetie! I love this kid so much!

Last Night at the Boo-ery!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I love this holiday, it is probably one of the most fun nights to go out during the entire year. Last night my sweetie and I dressed up for a local costume party and show that was held at a Brewery. It was such a great time, I love when people get excited about getting all costumed up.

We went as "American" and Martian Princess or "Alien". Thank goodness for thrift stores, these were totally last minute costumes, but they worked! :)American & Alien
Loved the decor on the brewery tanks!
Boo-ery decor
Enjoyed some pretty & funky sounding music from Manhole UK.
Manhole UK
And here are some of my favorite costumes . . .
Tetris costume, LOVE IT!
mummy & bride
Pepples & Bambam
Dexter & Victim
Dick in a box costume
Riding my poweranimal

How cool is that Tetris trio? Thought that was pretty clever. That's one of my best friends and her boyfriend up there as Dexter and his victim. I loved it!! And that *beep*-in-a-box costume? Hilarious!

Tonight will be much more low-key, we're handing out candy and FINALLY carving pumpkins, I *hope*. What did you dress up as? I hope I see some costume posts from you guys!

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