Nov 15, 2011

Dressing Rodney


We thrifters know that pretty clothes aren't the only cool thing to come upon while spending hours hunting the second hand stores! Meet Rodney, the best dressed pig you're ever going to see! The reason why I just had to have this cute little guy is because I used to have a drama teacher named Rodney and I looooooved him so much! And what's more is that he too was fabulously dressed, with a cute round belly and a constant smile that gave away his sincerely enthusiastic outlook on life. After I found this little pig, I googled Rodney my old teacher to get back in touch. Ended up finding out he now teaches at a different college in MI, sent him a message over facebook just yesterday, and can't wait to hear back from him! I think I need to repackage this little guy and send him to my old favorite teacher as a gift. Which outfit do you like the best? I prefer the court jester look. :) Paper dolls are so fun, it's been years since I've played with them!
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