Aug 15, 2008

Vintage DRESS OF THE DAY ~ Andy Warhol Inspired SOUPER DRESS!

MUSEUM WORTHY! Believe it or not this absolutely AMAZING PAPER dress, (inspired by Andy Warhol's POP ART of the 60's and made by the Campbell's soup company) sold at one time for $1.00. Over forty years later, its value has increased tremendously. Right now, ebay seller bmarvin2 is selling this dress and the price is ALREADY up to $1525. I'm so curious to see what this RARE item will end up selling for. If you're interested, it ends in 3 days so hurry! Click the picture below to view!

Paper dresses were a huge hit in the 1960's. Too bad they were a fad that didn't last long. It was certainly a unique way of combining art with fashion, however being in such a disposable form, I'm curious to ask just how exactly were they taken care of? And did they rip when you sat down? hmmmm. . .

Here is another amazing paper dress being sold right now by stubbypylon, with the unique novelty print of the yellow pages. How creative!

Tell me what you think about the paper dress. Would you wear one NOW? Why or why not?
What kind of print would you want?

Aug 12, 2008


I've been so excited for the past couple of weeks and it is awful because I have to nearly keep tape over my mouth in order to prevent telling too much. Let me try to make a long story as short as I can. Thanks to my mitten state's governor, we have a new film incentive package that is providing movie makers tons of perks just for filming here. What does this mean for us Michiganders? Hollywood-set opportunities right here in the Great Lakes state! Of course this is a big deal here to us! day while reading my local newspaper I saw this opportunity to be an extra in a very special movie being filmed here. They asked for a picture and said "the picture is 'essential' in determining who gets a call." I ended up sending a picture of when my friends and I went out one night and I did my hair up like Amy Winehouse. (love her!) See pic below. haha!

Two weeks had passed and I hadn't heard anything back from the email I had sent the talent company. Then after being away for the weekend, when I came back on a Sunday night I had an email in my inbox that said I was chosen to be in Drew Barrymore's Directorial Debut of a film about Roller Derby Girls! Such a happy moment! And it gets even more exciting! I thought that I was just going to be in a big crowd scene or in the background somewhere, however, it turned out that I had an even more awesome part than that! The sad news is, due to legal reasons I can't go into details. :(
I WILL BE ABLE TO WHEN THE MOVIE COMES OUT THOUGH, SO I CAN'T WAIT! Until then, bookmark WHIP-IT's imdb page and that way you can see the trailer when it comes out!

Meeting Drew Barrymore was amazing, she's even cuter in real life, I know, how is that possible? Very positive, super smiley and sweet, (She thanked us tons of times) and it was awesome to see her at work directing. I kept thinking, "Aww, little Gertie, all grown up!"

I was also a little star struck by Juliette Lewis, she ROCKS! But no one on set had me more giggly than Jimmy Fallon. I had no idea that he was even in the movie at first so when I was on set last week and someone said he was there, I was a mess. I've had a big crush on him for a long time. He's absolutely adorable AND hiliarious. I love men that make me laugh!

I met some fun extras that I worked with for the first couple days too! (pic below, assistant production staff in front) It was nice during downtime to just sit and chat and get to know these gals! Here's a pic of us below hanging out behind all the action.

And here are pics from the third day of shooting, (different group) Us girls celebrated all of our hard work by going out in downtown D for drinks & pizza. It was awesome hanging out w/ some real derby girls, they are TOUGH! They've got some battle stories, that's for sure. Some even asked me when I was going to try out.....ARE YOU SERIOUS? I'm not cut out for such a sport, I'd be crying at the first bump. ;P

There's more I wish I could post from the third day I got to be on set, but that was the day I got to get hair, makeup and a hot little outfit too and I was told not to post any of those pics till after the movie comes out, so check back in a year or so, alright?
I'll leave you with the song that got me pumped up wickedly early since we had to be on set at the crack of dawn. Enjoy! :P

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