Jun 19, 2010

Giganormous Saturday Shop Update

I know, "giganormous" isn't a word, but I feel like this is the biggest shop update I've had in a while, so I'm a little excited. ;)

Feast your eyes on the latest additions to the shop. I'm kind of in love with every single piece.
I especially heart that little red mini halter dress! Classic beauty!

Enjoy your weekends, everyone. As chaotic as these busy weekends can get, I'm so excited to see my big family again today and tomorrow. Expect lots of pics on Monday!

Click here to shop the goods.


Aqua Blue Draped Backless Dress
Garden Party Floral Tapestry Pumps
Shimmering Flowers Metallic Blouse
Novelty print 1950's Country scenic Day Dress
Sparkling Center Red Maxi Dress
Pale cantaloupe puff sleeve blouse
Birds in the Flowers novelty print maxi dress
Day at the Museum colorful lines 60's Dress
Classic Girl 60's crochet knit mini
Bombshell Lipstick Red Mini Halter Dress
Bejeweled Beauties - 1960s silver sandals
Fields of Green 50's Day Dress
Bright Teal Bell sleeve dress
Beautiful Butterflies Swimsuit, size L/XL

"The Girls" by Heather Williams

"The Girls" is a series of paintings created by Ontario-based artist and fellow Etsian, Heather Williams. I love the colors used in her work. The beautiful subjects have no trouble competing with the often solid-colored background. Some of them also remind me of a few of my girlfriends. Each woman seems to possess a style and personality all her own.

These would fit perfectly on the walls of a little brick and mortar clothing boutique!

Find the work of Heather Williams in her Etsy shop here, and discover more about the artist via her blog here.

Jesse.Blair.Amelia.Victoria. Carly.Blue Lady.She said, she said.

Jun 16, 2010

Coolest thrift store find # 1,000,004

It's a vintage burger mug! Isn't it suh-weet?
You just never know what you're going to find out there in thrifting land. . .
Look at the melted cheese and textured lettuce!

And here's the sesame seed bun topper.

I love finding fun mugs. One of these days I'm actually going to take some pics of my faves and show them to you all.

It's true dear blog readers. . .

For sale here by ashleyg on Etsy

Let me know if any of you put up a post about your coolest thrift store finds, I would love to see them!


Jun 15, 2010

Novelty Print of the Day -- vintage 60's SEURAT-INSPIRED Scenic Pointillism Top

Just came upon another charming little vintage piece inspired by an artist of the past. In this case it's Georges Seurat, and this scenic top below is very obviously inspired by his pointillism painting, "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. "

What is this lady by the lake dreaming about?
I love the color combination. Pretty, pretty.

For sale by queenoftheangels on Etsy.

Ready For Rain

Weather in the mitten, at least in my neck of the woods, has been odd lately.
I love the warmth and humidity, but every day it looks like the sky is on the verge of a downpour.
This is my rain-ready outfit. :)
I like the bright colors to take away the blues of the gray day.

This raincoat was thrifted years ago and is full of hearts in all different colors. My best guy friend told me he thinks I look TOO bright. Bah!
I grew up watching Punky Brewster, going rollerskating, and playing with My Little Ponies. I think hearts and stars and unicorns and rainbows are always just going to be a little part of my fashion sense.

Sometimes I just really like clothes that bring me back to my girlhood memories.

Maybe I just never ever want to really grow up? Hmmmm. . . ;)

Rainbow Hearts Raincoat - thrifted
Yellow Dress - Gift from my Aunt from her 1970's wardrobe, score!
Pink Belt - thrifted
Pink Wellies - thrifted
Rain Hat- thrifted

Soyrizo, soy delicious!

I rarely share food posts, but had to with today's breakfast because I'm so happy to have found this perfect & yummy Soyrizo from Trader Joe's recently. I'm not a vegetarian (or vegan) by any means, but I've never enjoyed eating sausage, and when I was a little girl my grandma and mom would make these incredibly delicious breakfast burritos with potatoes and chorizo (mexican sausage). Though I always loved the taste, I didn't like the idea that it was sausage.

This stuff tastes the exact same, there's no difference at all to me!

From this:

To this: (Just added melted cheese, tomatoes and freshly ground pepper)

Don't you love finding something your heart's been longing for?
The idea to make soy taste like Chorizo is brilliant!
It's all in the spices. Thank you, Trader Joe's. ♥
I wonder what Grandma would think. . . ;)

Jun 14, 2010

Hello, You're My Very Special One. . .

This is "After Hours" by Velvet Underground.
The video below is not the original, but does feature the girl with the black tights. . . Miss Edie Sedgwick, very fitting for the lyrics.

Beautiful and bittersweet.

Novelty Print of the Day -- 1990's SWIMMING BLUE FISH Doc Martens Combat Boots

I don't think I've yet had the opportunity to spotlight novelty print SHOES!

I just had to bring your attention to these awesome combat boots on Etsy, my blogger friends.

They're so RAD, and I can just imagine how cute some fashionista is going to style them when they are bought up.

For sale by TimeEchoVintage on Etsy.

Put some fish on your feet!

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