Oct 24, 2009

7 Loves for Saturday, Happy ALMOST Halloween

Halloween, you're just around the corner, how can it be? I still don't have a definite costume but I have been peeking around online to get inspired. I've always thought it would be fun to dress up like food. . . this was one of my faves, what do you think?

A box of chocolates.

I'm a huge Tim Burton fan, and own this book that I love to pieces.
I actually found some of the poems online here. They're the perfect combination of creepy and silly. This book would make such a perfect Halloween gift.

Trader Joe's sells this delectable pumpkin butter during the fall season and I have stocked up because I miss it so much when it's gone.
Put it on toast and it's almost like pumpkin pie, promise.

Stay warm in this cute pumpkin hoodie from seller ErosDIY on Etsy.

Who loves polenta? Amazing PUMPKIN polenta recipe here.

I usually don't like scary movies, but they are fun around this time of the year, as long as I'm watching them with people. I could never watch them alone! Nosferatu still creeps me out, just look at that face!

This is hilarious, you guys. It won the Best Short Film and Best Concept at the 2006 Chicago Horror Film Festival. Ever wondered what Halloween is like from a pumpkin's perspective? haha!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, blogger friends!


Photo credits: blog.makezine.com, coverbrowser.com, eatingbirdfood.com, allyou.com,

Oct 23, 2009

Shiny and Bright, Friday Shop Update

I appreciate these eye-popping colorful and bright shiny items in the shop even MORE now that I'm stuck inside on a cold and gray rainy day. Typical Michigan fall weather, my dears. For those of you have the luxury of living in a warm climate year round, can you hear the envious tone here? ;) I can't let the cold stop me from dressing cute, though, I promise I won't! (daily outfit posts coming soon)

Revel in your weekend, everyone, whatever it is that your plans are!

Hot for Hervé!

Hervé Léger is responsible for the skin tight dresses we call the bandage, or body con(scious) dress. He came out with this style in the 1980's, and it's one of my favorite looks EVER! I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to pull this look off, because I sometimes feel a responsibility to dress a little more modest the older I get. . . ever feel this way too, 30 somethings? (I immediately hear this little voice now that says, "modesty schmodesty" ;)

Mini lengths and skintight, body-hugging fabrics scream SEXY.

This is one of my favorites, a more recent 2009 design, done in red & gold.
For sale by poppppo on Ebay.

AND. . . if you love the look but the designer price tag makes you want to faint, here are some of my favorite bandage styles from Etsy, inspired by Mr. Leger's designs, because. . . this man knows curves. xo




Hervé Léger the designer now officially designs under the name Hervé L. Leroux, after losing control of his company (and the commercial rights to the label) in 1999.

This is one my favorites from the newer label. GORGEOUS in every way!

Novelty Print of the Day -- Bushy Tailed FOXES 1950's Blouse

Oh, this is soooo CUTE, I couldn't believe when I found it! It's made by Abercrombie & Fitch, and I never even knew that company was around back in the 50's. I love the collar on this darling little shirt too! For sale now by littleveggievintage on Etsy.

Oct 22, 2009

The Secretary. . . Shop Update

One of my favorite movies ever is The Secretary with Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader. It's a little racy but I've always appreciated awkward love stories, the kind that are unpredictable and non-traditional. I recently found this polka dot blouse and couldn't help but to think of accident prone, unsure-of herself, mistake-making Lee (Maggie)! If you haven't seen this movie yet, once you do the word "secretary" will never quite mean the same thing, believe me.

These and more office chic items in the shop now. x

images from:: image.guardian.co.uk, omiru.com, thisdistractedglobe.com

Novelty Print of the Day -- AUTUMN LEAVES Christian Dior Men's Vintage Tie

I don't often feature men's clothing items for the novelty print of the day, but I really love this tie that I found on Etsy from seller SwankyVintage. Isn't it so perfect for fall? If I had a boyfriend right now, I'd probably buy it right up for him, as I do love a dapper-dressed man. ;) Christian Dior label, to boot!

Oct 21, 2009

Novelty Print of the Day -- Italian Gondola SCENIC 50's Full Skirt

I love scenic prints like this, especially when they have a feeling of romance about them. :) This lovely skirt is available now on ebay from seller sweetnessvintage. Look at the illustrated detail in the bottom picture, the little music notes are too cute. The bright colors on the dark brown are fantastic too! Hurry if you want this though, auction ends in 10 hours.

Oct 20, 2009

Novelty Print of the Day -- Tiny Little Sailboats & Anchors 70's Mini Dress

I know, I know, I MUST be dreaming for summer again. Yes, it IS true. If it were up to me I would live in 80 degree weather year round and wear cute little sundresses like this one by PlanetClaireVintage on Etsy. Not only is the print on this dress adorable with teeny anchors and sailboats, but I love the cut and length too. C U T E!

Overdue Shop Update, back to business. :)

I miss you, my blog and blogger friends. I've been too busy for my liking and things are finally starting to wind down over here, thank God! And guess what, NO MORE WEDDINGS THIS YEAR! Yay!!! :) I feel kinda bratty saying that but goodness, 3 within one month was a little stressful. I am very thankful though, because I had such a great time at every single one, and I'm so happy for my dear friends and family who are now married. . . ♥♥

But now it's time to get back to business, my favorite kind of business, pretty clothes and more pretty clothes for the shop. I haven't had a shop update in a while so here are some recently added items. Stay tuned, more pretties coming soon.

I'm always into high waists, puff sleeves, and any kind of feminine details really. Lately, I'm also falling in love with the color of WINE. Burgundy hues like the color of the suede heels are making me turn my head when I'm out and about these days. Don't you just love that color for fall?

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