Jan 21, 2010

Late Night Shop Update

Say hello to some of my favorite items in the shop right now.

I remember that I used to describe the first dress as a "Heidi" dress, before
I learned that it was called a dirndl. I never care if it is Oktoberfest time
or not, I love the style of these dresses and will wear then any season of the year.

This one has a heart shaped print on the skirt. Valentine's day, maybe?

Caramel Ruffled Ascot Blouse

The classy Wool Tweed Suit

Saks Fifth Avenue SILK Tiny Flower Garden Shirtdress

Teal Velvet Full Skirt

Marigold Silky Blouse

and The SOFTEST Grey Puff Sleeve Dress

I think I've been doing fairly well with listing new items in the shop at least every week. Here's a toast to one New Year's eve goal! :)


I'm in love with a CAT Dress by Harry Gordon

Harry Gordon was the man responsible for making these awesome
"poster dresses" as they were called in the 1960's.
They're very rare, and usually sell for $$$$. All of them were done in black and white, and there were only 5 designs, 3 of them are in the picture below.

Aren't they SO COOL?
I read somewhere that the eye dress was said to be the eye of Audrey Hepburn.

Anyway, just recently while browsing Ebay,
I saw that this one below (THE CAT DRESS) is listed in an auction,
with the starting price of $299!

I can't even BEGIN to tell you how much I want it.
It would be like wearing a piece of history!
It's a paper dress though, so it's more of a collector's item.

Why, You're Looking Very Business 70's today!

That's what my friend said when he saw me today in this outfit.
I recently said I would make an outfit out of
these high waisted pants from the shop,
to show what they look like ON and came up with this!

That golden yellow blouse has been a favorite of mine for a while. I was SO HAPPY to have found it when I did that it was one of those things I couldn't wait to get home and try on! You know the feeling when you see something on a hanger and you just KNOW it will fit you to a T?

I would be keeping the pants, but they are too long for me. . . and altering them would mean ruining the cuffed pant legs.

I'm such a huge fan of the high-waisted pants!

Jan 20, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist // The Vested Gentress

I have missed my "Novelty Print of the Day" posts terribly! Other interests have me distracted right now, but soon enough I will be incorporating my favorite novelty prints again. Until then, I had to take it upon myself to share some of my recent etsy faves of the ADORABLE items from
The Vested Gentress that I've found.
What a very selfish Wednesday Wishlist, but I needed to have my cute print fix! ;)

This kitten silhouette skirt makes me giddy!

How perfect would this dress be to wear to a community garden meeting?

on Etsy is CHOCK FULL of dresses by the Vested Gentress!
Check out these 5 unique frocks below.

Kissing Camels. . .

Happy Puppies. . .

Winking Horses. . .

Falling Flowers. . . (Valentine's day?)

and this Sea-Faring Dress!

Such delightfully charming little vintage pieces, aren't they?
Which one is your favorite?
For me, it's WAY too hard to choose!

For a tiny tidbit about the Vested Gentress from
the Vintage Fashion Guild click here.

Jan 19, 2010

Flowers on Wool

This is one of my favorite winter time dresses.
It's grey wool with a very colorful pink, white, and navy blue floral print.
Flowers on wool is like sunshine on a cold winter day.
Not always expected but just pretty.

I think the dress is actually a maternity dress but I always pair it with a belt to define the waist. Also paired it with a fuzzy vest and my country girl lace up boots to stay extra warm. I've had those boots for years! They've mainly been used for nature walks up north where my parents live.

January is taking forever, it seems. I've started the new year with a new routine, waking up to these two books. Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach is my daily dose of inspiration every single morning. I highly suggest this wonderful book if you love getting a fresh perspective on life regularly.

The other book is my 2010 planner called Listography, all about making lists for what you have to do weekly, works so perfectly for my chaotic life! I love the simplicity of this little book.

Do you have a morning routine that makes life just a little sweeter? I love making my green tea and taking a half hour to myself in the morning. It's just this nice, quiet, and peaceful time of the day that is so sacred. :)


grey wool floral dress, thrifted
belt, thrifted
fuzzy vest, hand-me-down from my best friend
boots, thrifted

Bursts of Color for Winter

Grey and dull skies call for bursts of
eye popping color if you ask me.
Here are some fresh listings along with some other goodies that are
currently in the shop.

I fell in love with that draped peplum on the first dress. I really wish I could
find something like that in my size!

And how about that newly listed marigold yellow top? Isn't it just SO PRETTY?

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Jan 18, 2010

My Music Monday -- The Breeders

I started listening to the Breeders in high school, thanks to my older brother who always seemed to know about cool music (at least in my eyes).

Kim & Kelly Deal were my idols back then!

These songs completely take me back to the 1990's. They're the songs my alternative friends and I were rocking out to! (and putting on mixed tapes for our boy crushes)

P.s. Is the word "alternative" even still in use? ;-P

I know you little libertine, I know you're a real koo koo. . .


Divine Hammer


Don't Call Home!

Do You Love Me Now?

And last but not least, my very favorite. . .
Not the original video, but FITS PERFECTLY. :)

Drivin on 9.

Jan 17, 2010

My Funny Valentine

I've probably already mentioned it one too many times but I'm really looking forward to Valentine's day. I usually make my own valentines, it's so fun spending the weekend before the heart holiday with my son and/or friends being crafty with the glue and lace and stickers and markers and whatnot.

I like funny valentine's too though, and just had to take a peek to see what was floating around on Etsy. These ones were my faves!



Being a bacon lover myself, I could really appreciate these next two!








. . . like prunes and toilet paper. . .hahahaha!


Aren't these cute? Will you make your own valentines this year?


20 bucks sale!

There's a 20 bucks sale going on in the shop right now, but hurry, it ends tonight.

Here are some items currently in the sale. Need to make room for new goodies. More velvet coming to the shop soon. Big, puffy coats too! Winter is NOT over yet, ladies!

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