Jan 18, 2011

3 Brights

Three very beautiful bright pieces just recently listed in the shop, 2 of which are quite perfect for Valentine's day, yes I do believe so. ;) I bet you can guess which two I'm thinking of! These colors really know how to get me excited for spring time, too!

{Shop Lola}

Jan 17, 2011

In the name of LOVE . . .

Free at last, they took your life,
they could not take your pride!!

Happy MLK day! My son's got the day off and we're gonna be trekking to some neat events today in celebration of this important day.
And the dream lives on. . . :) 

This song always gives me the chills, such a powerful message!

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Jan 16, 2011

Mama's got a brand new haircut

Last Saturday I finally went in to get the hair cut that I've been planning for too darn long now, and I ended up getting 4" cut off! I was so happy to see that old hair gone. . . and notice the different shade? I love the black! I really like the new length too , it makes me want to put curlers in more often. I'm so excited to play around with all sorts of different hairstyles soon. Having a major change in the middle of winter seems to have reawakened my motivation to do more outfit posts as well. I would have posted about the haircut sooner, but I've been busy taking care of my poor little boy who has been sick since Wednesday. :(

Regarding the outfit, I've been loving the scarf with the belt look. This green scarf has been getting so much wear lately. The first picture is what I wanted to wear out and about, but the last one is what I ended up wearing. (no bare legs for this gal till March at the earliest) 

Bright colors always make me happy during the cold months. Do you notice that too? I have to have them around me, and one of these days I'll do a post about the brights around my apartment. And ohhhhh, that poetry book below ( I wanted to show and tell) is Erica Jong's first edition of Fruits and Vegetables. Don't you just love coming across amazing old poetry/prose books while thrifting? It's the next best thing to finding an incredible dress. I looked it up online too, and saw that it was listed for a pretty penny on Ebay. I won't be listing it anytime soon though, it's too chock full of amusing food-inspired erotica . . . just perfect to read to my sweetie at dinner on Valentine's day. ;)

I'm getting excited for February 14th, can you tell?

Outfit details:
Frank Olive navy blue wool hat: thrifted
Two hearts 80s necklace: thrifted
White cotton long sleeve shirt: hand-me-down from my sweet friend Denise
Warm green scarf: gift from Nepaul from an old roommate
Skinny brown belt: thrifted
Sunshine yellow skirt: H&M
Anne Klein candy apple heels: Ebay
Chocolate brown knee high boots: gift from my sweet friend AbbyRose
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