Jan 11, 2010

Light of my life, Beacon of hope

We have many roles to play in our lives, don't we? Coworker, daughter, sister, peer, friend, etc.

My favorite role is that of being a mother. :)

There are many things that bring my life happiness.

Vintage dresses, AS YOU KNOW, are quite the little obsession of mine.
Dark chocolate is a best friend on a daily basis.
And sunshine coming through my window is something I always love!

But there's nothing in my life that compares to the happiness I get from this little star, my son.
I'm inspired to write about him today because we had such a wonderful and creative weekend!

I've got the coolest kid, and I'm not just saying that because I'm his mama! ;)

Moms, is there any greater joy in the world than seeing true happiness on the face of your child/ren?

I realized recently that I don't often post about my real life, so I made a new resolution for the year to do just that. :)

I know my blog readers know me as a dress-obsessed vintage fashionista, ;-P but this little boy is actually what my life and heart revolves around.

How many of you are mamas? I love that kids are like these little plants and you nurture them, feed and water them, and then you watch in amazement at how they change and grow. Observing this with my own son Lukas is one of the truest blessings my life has ever known. ♥♥

Happy Monday!


  1. aww what a cutie! i hope to be a mom someday :)

  2. we sure do, don't we. You really hit the nail on the head with this post. thank you.

    Have a brilliant week

  3. i never would have guessed that you're a mom, you look so youthful!
    he is so cute and happy! definitely gonna have girls falling all over him when he grows up!

  4. He is adorable.....I love he plays the cello!
    Yes, more personal is always good! SO nice to see a peek into your life...


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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