Mar 27, 2010

Cut me one of these, please?

There's definitely an art to paper cutting and folding.
But how 'bout paper wearing?

I know, probably not quite practical, but still, I love these photos.
Aren't they neat?

(photos via

I'm a huge fan of the 1960's paper dresses too, but I've always wondered. . . how long did those actually last? One wear? I promised myself years ago that I would own one someday.
I'll let you know when that happens. :)

Etsy Shop Crush: Jewelry by Bungelowjame

Truth be told, I have never been much of a jewelry person my whole life. I always thought I was absolutely horrible at accessorizing outfits. (Still working on it, as a matter of fact. ;)

The want to learn how to pair pretty jewelry with pretty clothes is pressing on me even moreso now that I'm falling in love with handmade & vintage pieces daily by clicking on the tweets of my fellow Etsy sellers!

One of my little Etsy shop crushes for jewelry right now is bungelowjame.

Her shop announcement states:

"My jewelry is lovingly created with an eye for vintage flair, and the occasional whimsical feel. I love to recycle old pieces of jewelry and recreate lovely vintage style items. Each piece I create is one of a kind, I will never duplicate a design, so when you purchase a piece, you will know that you have the only one."

I love whimsical, I love when people recycle, and I love to know that what I'm wearing no one else will be wearing. :)

Take a gander at these charming pieces from her shop.
Each one so perfect for spring, don't you think?
The top 3 are my absolute FAVES and are currently on my SS10 wish list. (In case you're reading sis!) ;)

Wouldn't this one be a great gift for the seamstress in your life?
Memories of Paris pendant. Love the Eiffel tower. :)

I'm a true fan of drop earrings, so pretty.

I'm consistently amazed by the talent on Etsy. Sometimes it really makes me wish I could actually create something with my hands. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy bringing more vintage clothing to the pages of Etsy, but one of these days I just want to MAKE something.
(I'm good at making fresh salsa, but that's not really something I can share with the rest of the world, huh?) heehe.

Happy Saturday to you and yours!
p.s. Also, please share some of your favorite jewelry sellers on Etsy, I want to check 'em out!


Mar 26, 2010

You Sexy Thing!

It's been too long, dear blog friends!

Do you ever have one of those weeks (or two or three) that seem to blur into only a few days? Usually this happens when I have several things going on with friends and family, but those things can sometimes feel like 318976797 different obligations! Spring is always a busy time, though. Now that the weather is a little nicer everyone is planning, planning, and planning some more.

Do you feel like a busy bee too?

I kept saying to myself that I needed to give my blog some attention and then a ton of other things started preoccupying me.

Time to share some of my current loves with you!
Spring is a glorious time of the year, do I even need to list the reasons why? Probably not. ;)
But one thing I love about it is dressing up in LESS. I can't tell you how excited I get to find vintage rompers. Playsuits and swimwear from the 1940's and 50's is my FAVORITE. I love the femininity and modesty of the cuts. Also, I'm not one to ever wear a two piece so I'm always looking for these lovely demure onesies when I'm on the hunt!

Just had to share some of my ETSY faves with you.
Are you also wondering about the turbans? . . . well then you simply MUST watch the video at the end of this post, it is what inspired the title and content in the first place. :)









I ♥ this song.
If you love the turban/romper look, pass this post on!

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