Jul 17, 2010

They Just Came To Me

Years ago while enjoying the adventures of Carrie Bradshaw on SATC, I fell in LOVE with a pair of pants she was wearing during the time she was dating that very forgettable Jack Berger fellow. Remember these, gals? I've waited patiently for a long time to come upon a pair like these cute little high-waisted pinstriped trousers, and FINALLY just two days ago I thrifted this cute little pair below.

And guess what? They fit PERFECTLY.

Good Pants come to those who wait. ;)

Isn't it wonderful when fate works for you? Lol.
Love it!

Found the pants I've been looking for!

Happy Saturday, gals!


Jul 15, 2010

You'll Always See Red. . .

. . . in my shop, that is! It's likely my favorite color.
I partly blame it on having Spanish and Mexican roots, because there was
so much of the color in my (maternal) Grandma and Grandpa's house when I was growing up.

Red, the color of love and passion, and my favorite matte lipstick.
Stimulating and attention- getting red.
Daring and sexy red.
Spicy hot and classic girl red.
How do you wear it?

Oh, and a few high waist skirts added to the shop recently too. ;)

Jul 12, 2010

I've Been Hit With Your Charm

Thank goodness I had a cool older brother growing up to introduce me to music I would end up loving for the rest of my life! I must have been in middle school or high school around the time my brother was listening to the Sugarcubes (on cassette tape mind you).
This was the first time I was ever introduced to the wonderfully talented Bjork.
I've been in love with this quirky beauty ever since.

She's so adorable in this video, and I love that the song is not just about accidental love it's also about an accidental something else. . .

Here's a hint from the lyrics, definite giveaway. ;)

♫ You've put a seed inside me, and while you're away,
it's growing silently. . . starts in my stomach,
embraces my insides, and is about to reach my heart ♫

HIT by the Sugarcubes

Novelty Print of the Day -- vintage 1950's WORLD FAIR Print Dress & Bolero

This incredible 1950's dress completely stole my attention when I came upon it on Etsy. WOW. What a unique print! According to the listing,
the print is a map of the
1962 Seattle, Washington WORLD FAIR.
Dress is cotton, and comes with a matching bolero. Marvelous colorful and detailed designs! I especially love those huge towers, particularly the one that stands out on the bodice.

For sale by VintageSeen on Etsy.

Jul 11, 2010

Long week

Maybe I'm Just Tired 20/365, originally uploaded by shes_jack.

Yes, it has been one helluva long week, and I'm sorry dear blog and blogger friends that I've been away. I promise to give you more attention this week. I have been up to a few fun projects though!

1. I've been video taping a couple of my friends' eco-conscious building projects, which includes styrofoam house foundations (very neat!)
2. I've been planning a move, which means getting rid of a ton of things I don't need. (teeny little non-vintage sale coming to the blog soon)
3. I've also been helping my dad here and there with harvesting his garden, and let me tell you the yellow squash and zucchini are OUT OF CONTROL. I think if I just sat and stared at them I could actually see them getting bigger. Wish I could send you all a few of these yellow and green veggies, dearies!
Hey, wait, maybe I can. . . after all, I AM planning to make a few (hundred) loaves of zucchini bread soon. . . ;)
Let's just see how they turn out.
When I was a little girl and helped my aunt make the bread I accidentally added salt instead of sugar. NOT GOOD.
A memory I will never forget, as it is reminded to me every harvest season. *sigh*

What have you all been up to?

PC via Flickr

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