Jan 29, 2011

Lanvin is in the Lead

Checking out the runway looks for Spring 2011, and saw these GORGEOUS skirts in the Lanvin line that I immediately gushed over. I decided I MUST recreate this look for myself this spring and summer. The movement the skirts create on the bottom half of these outfits is stunning!

SO: The search for the perfect long flowy skirt starts now. Whether I'm out thrifting or scouring the virtual racks of Etsy, I'm making a promise to myself that I'm going to find one (preferably silk, dear universe!) and do an outfit post with said skirt in the coming months. Let's see how the fates of fashion work out for my prophetic wishes! p.s. if you happen to see one in my size somewhere (sm), dear friends, by all means SEND THE LINK MY WAY!

Jan 28, 2011

Sweater-y Things!

51 days until Spring time, my friends! I need to start thinking about going out with the warm and in with the breezy and light. Until then, why not indulge in a warm sweater-y thing for the rest of the chilly days? Here are some pretties from the shop that are perfect for the rest of our wintery hours. Mention the code "sweaterythings" and I'll include a 10% discount on your item this weekend! XO

{Shop Lola}

Saks 5th Ave Speckled Knit Sweater Dress

Scarlet Red Braided Trim Trachten Sweater

Beaded Sleeve Sweater Dress

Silver Stripes Metallic Sweater Vest

Cerise Pink Belted Sweater Dress

Metallic Cranberry Cardigan

Neon Lemon Winkleman's Double Breasted Cardigan

Wheat Brown Pointelle Knit Puff Sleeve Sweater

Jonathan Logan Lace Trim Sweater Dress

Jan 25, 2011

Giddy in Pink

When I found this pretty little pink number for the shop, I think I secretly knew in my heart of hearts that it would end up being mine. I wasn't so sure it would fit, and it actually doesn't (at all) on the shoulder area. So I pinned it! Can you tell? I also somehow managed to make it have a v-neckline, when beforehand it just had a button-up closure all the way to the top. No sewing here, just a little pinching and pinning. I almost felt like our favorite 80's redhead when she walks out of her room in her DIY prom dress. ALMOST. ;) (goal # 8,973,433: learn how to alter my own clothing.)

I think I might choose to wear this for Valentines day if I dress it up a bit more. I'm TICKLED that it is a shimmering light silk shantung, but the very sweetest part is the shape of the skirt, and of course, those ruffles. They move when I move! Yes, she is. GIDDY IN PINK. XOXO

. . . and since I missed yesterday's Music Monday, check out the song below, the video is a tribute to that favorite red-haired gal I just mentioned. :)


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