Nov 27, 2012

MEGA Awesome

Dancing is my drug. it's the best natural high in the world besides that one other thing yeah that. ;)

and the most wonderful friends of all are the ones who take you out to dance, especially for your birthday! I was a happy, happy girl when a few of friends took me out this weekend to see my faaaavorite cover band of all time, the MEGA 80's. Going to see these guys is ALWAYS such a blast, and that's very apparent when 2 o' clock in the morning rolls around and I've lost my voice and my feet are killing me from cuttin up a rug!

These guys play a first set which includes all kinds of pop rock and one-hit wonders from the 80's (think simple minds, j. geils band, corey hart, etc...) then there's an intermission and when they come back on stage, get ready to rock -- it's time for MEGA METAL. hahhaha! The 2nd set is ALL glam rock - cheap trick, great white, whitesnake, def leppard, etc) I LOOOOOOOOOVe it! And the best part of all is that we were able to get on stage & dance & sing with the band for the last song of the night, and one of my faves of all time - I love Rock & Roll, by the one and only Joan Jett.

It's even more exciting seeing all of the people who dress up for the night. I always try to! If you live in the Mitten, I suggest you check them out one of these evenings, I can just about guarantee you won't regret it!

before the band came on stage --- ohhhhhhh the anticipation! uzzz
2nd set MEGA METAL

Tried convincing people that his hair was real
this is the 1st set
LOVE this shot! Can you hear that guitar?
Sang right in my face!
so RAD. And sheesh, for a cover band, these guys sure get a lot of attention from the ladies! stage
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