Nov 5, 2011

When You Love a Cat

When you love a cat...
 you recognize that there is a different meow for each of his moods.

When you love a cat...
5 minutes of cuddling can take away 23 hours of a stressful day.

When you love a cat...
 the scent of his puffy fur has magical comforting powers.

This little creature of immense fur is JACK. He reminds me to take some time to relax. Sadly, he doesn't even belong to me, he belongs to my brother, but since we're neighbors I often get a chance to cat-sit and spend some quality time with him. Needless to say, I love being an "aunt" to this fuzzy little guy!

Laziness never looked so adorable!

Nov 3, 2011

Clad in Cuisine

Octopus draping, salmon undershirts, jackfruit collars, and crab headdresses? How do those sound to you?

I'm always fascinated when food and fashion mix. It's kinda hard not to be. Photographer Helge Kirchberger and chef Roland Trettl have collaborated for a Fashion food exhibition coming to the Communication Museum in Berlin. Would LOVE to be able to see this show!

Food like you've never seen it before::

Thinking about picking up their book for the coffee table!


It's true, sweeties. There's a big SALE in the shop right now! Started wondering if I could make it to 1000 sales by the end of this year. I'm at 864 right now. Think I can do it? I SURE HOPE SO! It would be soooooo awesome if I can make this 2011 goal happen. So take advantage, and snag up what you like before Sunday evening at the stroke of midnight! (EST) Thanks a million for all of your support! I know I don't say it often enough, but I love my online friends & loyal customers. Being able to do something I enjoy for part of my living is SUCH an amazing blessing.  xoxo

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Nov 1, 2011

Put a Bow on It

Sometimes a girl needn't look further than old vintage pics on etsy for some great fashion inspiration! I have such an adoration for bows, so I couldn't wait to share these! These photos came from the shops subversivefemme and vintageknitcrochet, and are actually pictures for knitting pattern advertisements from the past. Aren't they gorgeous creations? I imagined the pieces above without the bows and thought I likely wouldn't favor them as much as I do WITH them. My favorite are the first two sweater blouses, any knitters out there want to make me one like one of those? :)

Oct 31, 2011

Brown Sugar for Fall

Hello and happy Monday friends! Here are some browns & other pretties added to the shop very recently. The color immediately put me in mind of the brown sugar I've been using for baking my banana bread!

Tomorrow is the first day of November, can you guys believe it? Look for more coats in the following weeks, because that's what I'll be seeking out for the shop these next few chilly months! If you're looking for anything specific, do let me know. Happy Halloween to all of you!

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