Oct 27, 2008

Coffee Shop Boy, Pigg Love :)

One of my favorite things to do in the world is go to Borders or Barnes and Noble and just sit and drink coffee while looking at books. Today I was reading this absolutely cute book with Jim Henson's muppets and life advice. While I was sitting in the cozy chair this beautiful song came on. I thought to myself, "Ohmigoodness here's HIS song! So pretty, I love it!"

I was lucky enough to not only meet HIM this summer, but also work on the set of Drew Barrymore's WHIP-IT with him. His name is LANDON PIGG, and he was absolutely CHARMING to say the very least. So kind and approachable. (Not to mention adorable ;) When he initially appeared on set I had no idea who he was and so I asked around. "Apparently, he's a singer." "You've never heard of Landon Pigg?" and "Indie rock artist," were just a few of the responses I received.

My favorite memory of Landon on the set was when (without going into too much detail) while I was standing in for Ellen Page, I was very afraid of this particular pool scene near water that they were getting the camera ready for. He gave me two high fives and kept telling me I was going to be ok and to not be worried or afraid, that I would do just fine. It was SO SWEET. It really did put me at ease a little. I just remember thinking. "He is so thoughtful." It was comforting that he was so down-to-earth and personable like that.

So after the movie wrapped, I did a little research on Mr. Pigg. I went to his Myspace page and was honestly WOWED by his voice. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I felt like his voice was a cozy little place I wanted to hang out in. My favorite especially is the "Coffee Shop" song. Lovely, lovely love song. It seems it is getting popular these days and for good reason. I was so happy when I heard it in Barnes and Noble today. I think of that cute boyish young man every time I hear it. I also love that he is from Nashville. My first trip to Nashville was last year and I LOVED it. I had waited to go there for SO LONG. One day on the set he complimented me on this Hank Williams Sr. T-shirt I was wearing too! The best was when I would see him sometimes singing to himself here and there, it brought a smile to my face. :)

Since I love introducing people to new things, if you haven't already heard his music, please take a moment to listen HERE.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Below are some pictures of Mr. Cutie Pie while he was in Michigan. I really hope I run into him again someday!

Ypsilanti, MI, Summer of 2008, Downtime during the filming of WHIP IT!

I miss the set SO much sometimes. It was so awesome to meet so many cool people during filming.

I'm so glad I did my research on Landon. One thing's for sure, he's got himself a loyal new fan. :)

Oct 5, 2008

Party for PLAID- Top 10 Vintage PLAID Pieces!

Plaid's popping up everywhere this fall and winter! The longing for the grunge era is in the air, can you smell it? (Does it smell like teen spirit?) ;-P
I LOVE IT, so I took it upon myself to scour the virtual racks of ebay and to find what I believe are the TOP 10 Vintage Plaid Pieces, just as cute if not cuter than the fabulous runway pieces we've been seeing everywhere in our favorite magazines! My personal favorite? THE BETSEY JOHNSON CORSET DRESS! Thoroughly covetable! Preppy or pretty, PLAID is most certainly on the list for this season's must haves! CLICK ON ANY OF THE PICTURES BELOW TO SEE THE ITEMS. Hope you find something you love!

1.Vintage 80s PLAID Strapless Prom Cocktail Dress XS from SELLER: myfrockshop

2. BETSEY JOHNSON Vtg 80s PUNK Label PLAID CORSET Dress M from SELLER: cherrypickedvintage

3.PLAiD! HOODED VtG 60's 70's LONG SWiNG COAT MoD JACKET from SELLER: 4443sharon

Which one is YOUR favorite? Comment below! POLLS COMING SOON!

Oct 4, 2008

It's been a while!

I simply cannot believe it has been over a month since I've last written. Well, I am happy (and sad) to say that the movie has officially wrapped. (as of Sept. 13 actually) in Michigan. What an experience! (certainly one I'll never forget). I was so happy to get a picture with my two favorite stars on the set! ;) For a while it was so hard to believe that it was over. Also, the last day in Michigan it was completely rainy the entire day, so I think that put a little damper on everyone's mood. Sometime pretty late (maybe between 11pm-1am) they called, "Last Michigan scene!" After the cut of that scene we all (cast and crew on set) piled up into this tiny living room where we drank a few beers, watched some bloopers, and heard our lovely director give us a beautiful "thank you and farewell" speech. She almost cried, and I definitely shed a few tears myself. I gave a few gifts and hugs, and afterward there was a party at a local bar that's been a huge favorite among me and my friends for quite a long time. It was awesome to be partying with the stars at such a familiar place!! :) Thank you to the ELBOW ROOM for hosting an after hours party just for us! I remember I left around 6:30 am and there were STILL people there partying. Wow.
Goodbye Ellen & Drew, I hope I see you again someday. Thanks for all the Thank you's and hugs. Goodbye Kind Services, thanks for all the delicious food you constantly provided for us, and COFFEE TOO, cannot forget the COFFEE! Goodbye AWESOME and AMAZING CREW!!!! (sniffle sniffle). I will miss so many of you soooooo much and hope we meet again! (especially Stephen, Francesca, Gordon, Bob, Johnny and Johnny, Dday, Charlie, Jim, and all those other people, you know who you are!)

I would like to say though . . . it's kinda nice being back to my simple life. ;)
I can't wait to start selling & writing about vintage again! I've gotten to see some of my very great friends, I've moved . . . change is in the air, it must be AUTUMN!
Happy FALL everyone!

Aug 25, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy - Called back to the set of WHIP-IT!

Wow! I wish I had more time to write, I do miss it! However, I was fortunate enough to be called back to the WHIP-IT set and this time as a stand-in for the lovely Ellen Page, star of Juno!

It has been such a wonderful experience I don't even know where to begin. I was surprised that I hadn't even mentioned in my last post that Ms. Page was the star of the movie! In Whip-It she plays Bliss, a young girl stuck working at a little diner who wishes to somehow get out of her small town and find something she is passionate about. She ends up finding roller derby! Read all about it on the WHIP-IT imdb page!

We were in Birch Run all last week and it was a blast! The funniest part of my experience there was that this young teen girl and her mother followed me and a couple of other stand-ins to the ice cream store across the street from our lunch quarters. When I made eye contact with them they asked me if I was Ellen Page, and "could we please get a picture with you?" I laughed and told them I was only her stand-in, but they still wanted a picture with me, which was sweet. :) It was of course extremely flattering being told I look like a such a pretty young actress, but honestly we don't look much alike at all besides being the same height and both having dark hair. Regardless, it was a compliment I'll never forget! :)

TONS of Michiganders were lined up across the street watching the action on set. Work time could usually range about 12-14 hours per day, and there were devoted fans watching always. It was neat. Watch part of it HERE.

Isn't that huge pig hilarious? He looks so sad and reminds me of Wilbur from Charlotte's web. The diner (completely set up by crew) was an old diner that had went out of business and was made into THE OINK JOINT haha! I can't wait, I mean I REALLY CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE! It just looks like it is going to be so much fun!
I also HAVE to mention, I have SUCH a HUGE new appreciation for the credits that come after a movie is over. It seems we often give actors and actresses so much of the attention for a film, (which of course they rightfully deserve) however, rarely do we realize how important the crew is. I simply CANNOT BELIEVE how many nice crew members I've met, and how hard they work every single day together as a team to make everything flow smoothly. It will be AMAZING to see all of this effort come together when the movie opens.

The happiest moment for me this week (we're now filming back in Detroit) is that Drew now knows me by my name, and she gave me a hug today. Rarely do I put people on a pedestal, but this girl deserves it. She is so focused right now and it is just awesome to see someone that I grew up watching go from being a little girl actress to a respected film director. Not only that, she is ALWAYS polite and thankful for our help.

Can't wait to get back to set tomorrow. It's always something different and exciting. I'll post more later. Goodnight. :)

Aug 15, 2008

Vintage DRESS OF THE DAY ~ Andy Warhol Inspired SOUPER DRESS!

MUSEUM WORTHY! Believe it or not this absolutely AMAZING PAPER dress, (inspired by Andy Warhol's POP ART of the 60's and made by the Campbell's soup company) sold at one time for $1.00. Over forty years later, its value has increased tremendously. Right now, ebay seller bmarvin2 is selling this dress and the price is ALREADY up to $1525. I'm so curious to see what this RARE item will end up selling for. If you're interested, it ends in 3 days so hurry! Click the picture below to view!

Paper dresses were a huge hit in the 1960's. Too bad they were a fad that didn't last long. It was certainly a unique way of combining art with fashion, however being in such a disposable form, I'm curious to ask just how exactly were they taken care of? And did they rip when you sat down? hmmmm. . .

Here is another amazing paper dress being sold right now by stubbypylon, with the unique novelty print of the yellow pages. How creative!

Tell me what you think about the paper dress. Would you wear one NOW? Why or why not?
What kind of print would you want?

Aug 12, 2008


I've been so excited for the past couple of weeks and it is awful because I have to nearly keep tape over my mouth in order to prevent telling too much. Let me try to make a long story as short as I can. Thanks to my mitten state's governor, we have a new film incentive package that is providing movie makers tons of perks just for filming here. What does this mean for us Michiganders? Hollywood-set opportunities right here in the Great Lakes state! Of course this is a big deal here to us! So...one day while reading my local newspaper I saw this opportunity to be an extra in a very special movie being filmed here. They asked for a picture and said "the picture is 'essential' in determining who gets a call." I ended up sending a picture of when my friends and I went out one night and I did my hair up like Amy Winehouse. (love her!) See pic below. haha!

Two weeks had passed and I hadn't heard anything back from the email I had sent the talent company. Then after being away for the weekend, when I came back on a Sunday night I had an email in my inbox that said I was chosen to be in Drew Barrymore's Directorial Debut of a film about Roller Derby Girls! Such a happy moment! And it gets even more exciting! I thought that I was just going to be in a big crowd scene or in the background somewhere, however, it turned out that I had an even more awesome part than that! The sad news is, due to legal reasons I can't go into details. :(
I WILL BE ABLE TO WHEN THE MOVIE COMES OUT THOUGH, SO I CAN'T WAIT! Until then, bookmark WHIP-IT's imdb page and that way you can see the trailer when it comes out!

Meeting Drew Barrymore was amazing, she's even cuter in real life, I know, how is that possible? Very positive, super smiley and sweet, (She thanked us tons of times) and it was awesome to see her at work directing. I kept thinking, "Aww, little Gertie, all grown up!"

I was also a little star struck by Juliette Lewis, she ROCKS! But no one on set had me more giggly than Jimmy Fallon. I had no idea that he was even in the movie at first so when I was on set last week and someone said he was there, I was a mess. I've had a big crush on him for a long time. He's absolutely adorable AND hiliarious. I love men that make me laugh!

I met some fun extras that I worked with for the first couple days too! (pic below, assistant production staff in front) It was nice during downtime to just sit and chat and get to know these gals! Here's a pic of us below hanging out behind all the action.

And here are pics from the third day of shooting, (different group) Us girls celebrated all of our hard work by going out in downtown D for drinks & pizza. It was awesome hanging out w/ some real derby girls, they are TOUGH! They've got some battle stories, that's for sure. Some even asked me when I was going to try out.....ARE YOU SERIOUS? I'm not cut out for such a sport, I'd be crying at the first bump. ;P

There's more I wish I could post from the third day I got to be on set, but that was the day I got to get hair, makeup and a hot little outfit too and I was told not to post any of those pics till after the movie comes out, so check back in a year or so, alright?
I'll leave you with the song that got me pumped up wickedly early since we had to be on set at the crack of dawn. Enjoy! :P


Mar 5, 2008

Enid Collins was an amazing purse designer from Texas that put an unbelievable amount of imagination and fun into all of her creations. Collins' creations started selling in 1959 until around about 1970. Although Collins produced a few styles of handbags, none were as sought after as her original one-of-a-kind wooden box purses . These treasures were usually vividly painted with neat animals and decorated with jewels of all colors and sizes which added to each and every purse's unique appeal. Additionally, the quality of Collins' bags were never lacking! Most purses had leather or lucite handles and real square or round mirrors inside. One of my favorite things about these exceptional novelty purses is how the artist handpaints a title on the front, a distinct name for each special work of art. There's the "owl and pussycat", or "glitterbugs", or how about "in the swim" which features a beautiful painting of a fish. So, just remember, if you ever happen to come across one of these darling little wooden boxes with handles, all decked out in colorful gems, with the famous ec logo, admire it for a moment or two, afterall, you're holding a peice of history :)

This particular purse was sold by www.memphisvintage.com

For more info and identifying and date advice for these special wooden boxes, please visit these two helpful websites.

The World of Enid Collins Purses

*Hoping to connect vintage lovers everywhere to their heart's treasure*

Welcome, fellow Vintage-Loving Friends!

I love vintage too. :D I hope you enjoy reading my posts AND that you get some useful information out of the blog as well. Here's a toast to keeping our passion alive for the styles of the past.

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