May 21, 2010

Love Cats

It must have been the previous post that inspired me to find this song! That and the man in the above and below pics. He and I have decided to be a WE.
Makes me a little nervous because he is supposed to move at the end of August for a big important job coming up. . . hmmm. . . we'll see.
Until then, there's nothing wrong with enjoying a little romantic company for the summer, right? ;)

Think I'll go with this sweet feeling for a moment or two . . .

♫ ♫ We should have each other to tea, huh?
We should have each other with cream
Then curl up by the fire
And sleep for awhile
It's the grooviest thing
It's the perfect dream ♫ ♫

- LOVE CATS by The Cure

Robert Smith is so fun, love this song to pieces!

Have a lovely weekend, ALL OF YoU!


Furry faces to love

I can't help it! The other day while making this treasury for ADOPT-A-CAT month in June, I found THE cutest little art prints of cats and dogs. I know my lil' blog is mostly about the shop and stuff like that, but these are just TOO adorable not to share. I love the character the artist brings out in these faces!

If you're a cat or dog lover, you may be familiar with some of these expressions on your little fuzzy and furry friends.

So many faces to love! From DogArtStudio on Etsy.

May 20, 2010

Blouse, Dress, Blouse, Dress

Just a few items recently added to the shop. I can't believe the pink froth that is the first blouse. HIGH DRAMA with that one! THE definition of "frilly" don't you think so?

Pink Blush Chiffon Blouse

Shine in Teal Halter Dress

Bold Stripe Librarian Ascot Blouse

Pleated Dream Navy Blue Chiffon Dress

It's almost the weekend dearies! Any fun plans for you?
My mama and I are headed up north here in the mitten for a women's retreat and getaway.
We'll be staying in a little cabin. I'm so excited! It's really a post mother's day celebration, since we weren't able to see each other during that time. I'm hoping to take many pics to share later.



May 18, 2010

Dreaming up an outfit : : Film Noir

I'm dreaming up an outfit inspired by the Film Noir era.
All of these gorgeous, come-hither black pieces can be found on Etsy.
♥ how my recent faves make a look come together!

Hat - PranceAndSwagger
Sheer Lace Blouse - Frecklewonder
High Waist Vixen Skirt - GoodEye
Bejeweled Peep Toe Heels - Atticville

May 17, 2010

More Vivids Please!

I don't know about you, but color has a magical way of instantly transforming my mood. Seems like I can never get enough of it in my little Etsy shop. Sometimes I feel like Punky Brewster left too much of an impression on me as a little girl. hmmm. . . ;)

Here are some recent additions to the little collection I'm hoarding right now in my home office.

I know, I KNOW the first item is a sweater and it's the beginning of spring and almost summer, but a girl can't help it, would ya just look at that color?

I love these vibrant, vivid hues!

Currently in the shop:

1960's Bright Banana Cardigan

1970s Coral Crochet Empire Maxi Dress

1970s Lovely Lilac Halter Sun Dress

vintage 1960s Technicolor Floral Dress

vintage 1980s Deep Blueberry Mini Pencil Skirt

vintage 70s Sailor Style STRIPED Dress

Vintage 70s Here Comes the Sun Dress

Stay With Me and I'll Have it Made

This is "No Rain" by Blind Melon. Very popular song when I was in high school. I've always loved it so much, and the video is just adorable. Haven't we all felt like Bee Girl at one time or another?
She's so cute going from here to there trying to figure out where she belongs.

My very favorite part is when her face lights up at what she finds behind the gate. ;)

Happy Monday, dear blogger friends.
Let this song make you feel better
on those days when you'd like to keep your cheeks dry. ;)
♥ ♥ ♥

P.S. What songs are inspiring you these days?

May 16, 2010

Boot-themed Outfit

I've had these cowboy boots since I was 17 years old, around the time I started thrifting around my tiny little town. I was thrilled to find them! They are such a part of me that I can't bear the thought of ever parting with them.

Imagine how happy I was to recently find this boot necklace (also thrifted). I should have taken a picture of the inside of the boot (empty at the time). Initially, I was carrying a rolled up dollar bill around in it.
Such a fun little piece!

Never parting with you, my dear boots! So much enjoying the beauty that is this spring weather. Loved coming upon this couple under the tree in the park. Isn't this sweet?
Gorgeous light coming through the trees on the nature trails.

Happy Sunday, all!

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