Apr 17, 2010

Which Couple are You?

I got a big kick out of these pictures from reclarkgable's portfolio.
Like attracts like, I guess.
Can you identify with any of these?
Aren't they fun?
I will admit that I find rockabilly boy the cutest.
Sideburns get me every time.
Happy Saturday, blog friends!

Apr 14, 2010

Springtime Update

This is what we do! This picture was taken last week when I spent an entire week in the middle of the mitten with most of my family. Although it might not look like it, I really WAS enjoying the scenery. I'm embarrassed that when this was snapped I was on a cell phone call in the middle of the forest. I'm with my siblings here. We grew up in the country and one of the ways we spend quality time with each other is by taking long walks out on my dad's property (acres of gorgeous mid-Michigan woods).

Now that I live in the city (well, what I consider the city -- population of about 115,000) I realize how wonderful it was to grow up where you CAN'T hear cars and other people's conversations outside of your window. (no offense to my nice, family-friendly apartment complex.) ;)

When I get some time to travel north again, I'm going to make sure I take more thoughtful photos there in the woods. You wouldn't believe how beautiful it is!
It also smells amazing, don't you love the scent of spring?
I honestly feel like I'm on a happiness high.

Brothers and Sisters: ♥ Dolores, Mark, Jessica, and Isaac. ♥

Next on the agenda:: A little shop update.
I've been delighted in finding cute little spring items for the shop! All of these floral pieces, along with peek-a-boo details and light fabrics, and sun dresses are making their way into my inventory and winter items are being put away slowly but surely.
This is THE BEST time of the year, if you ask me.

Shop Spring!

Friday is almost here, YAY!
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