Feb 19, 2011

ETSYVERSARY Salebration!

Today marks my 2nd year anniversary being an etsy vintage seller. I'm ETSTATIC ;) about my experience with Etsy, especially compared to my experience with another 4 letter online sales site that starts with an E. lol.  SO HAPPY I made the transistion two years ago today. 

So my dear Etsy, just want to say thank you for such a creative community-based site, and more importantly, for the chance to be introduced to some of the most amazing artistic expression I've *ever* seen. I'm also forever grateful for making friends with some incredibly lovely vintage sellers who have really helped me learn a thing or two along the way. You know who you are. ;)

As an appreciation to all of my past and future customers,   
take 20% off of your order now until Tuesday with coupon code "ETSTATIC".

Additionally, if you HAVE indeed been a past customer of mine, send me an appreciation photo of you wearing your Lola Vintage item and I'll send you a little suprise to your inbox.


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Feb 18, 2011

And the Universe said, "Wish Granted!"

Remember this post? Ohhh my goodness you guys, when I came upon this skirt below, I felt like the universe was really listening when I asked that day to find a flowy long skirt for Spring. Just recently I visited a consignment shop that I hadn't been to in ages. Imagine the look on my face and the pace of my heart when I found this gorgeous striped silk skirt that just so happened to be my size. It's deep cranberry red in color with metallic gold stripes, and made of an amazingly soft, light and sheer silk chiffon. Notice the high waist, too? I LOVE IT. You can see from the second pic that it has teeny tiny pleats too. I took a few more pictures to show the fluidity of the fabric. Can you tell how much fun I was having twirling the skirt around? ;)

This find completely reminds me of another lucky item I came upon last year. Thanks for granting this wish too, Universe!

Velvet Hat with Satin Bow: vintage, thrifted
Sheer white blouse: Banana Republic
Skirt: Consignment store find (non-vintage)
Leather Ankle Boots: TJ Maxx

Feb 17, 2011

Bring on the Brights

We've had highs in the 50's this week, and there's nothing like watching the snow melt, hearing the birds chirp, and having a sunshine-filled apartment to get me motivated to start bringing Spring into the shop. Yes, I know I'm just a tad early, but I think my favorite season is going to be too. I love waking up to a bright day! Keep your eye out for these vividly colorful items coming to the shop within the next couple of days! XO

{Shop Lola}

Leonard of Paris Brilliant Metallics Skirt Suit
Leonard of Paris Brilliant Metallic Skirt Suit, vintage 80's
Shining Peacock Angora Tunic Sweater / Mini Dress
Shining Peacock Angora Tunic Sweater / Mini Dress, vintage 80's
Toggle Button 70's Scarlet Corduroy Dress
Toggle Button Scarlet Corduroy Dress, vintage 70's
Faded Teal Full Skirt Rayon Dress
Faded Teal Full Skirt Cool Rayon Dress, vintage 80's
Cool Crochet Striped 70's Knit Top
Cool Crochet Colorful Knit Top, vintage 70's
Bright as Sunshine Cotton Gauze 70's Sun Dress
Bright as Sunshine Cotton Gauze Dress, Vintage 70's
Light Denim 70's Fitted Jean Jacket
Light Denim Fitted Jean Jacket, Vintage 70's
70's Bright Red Batik Tunic Mini Dress
Bright Red Batik BohoTunic Dress, vintage 70's
Freshly Squeezed Ruffled Orange Sun Dress
Freshly Squeezed Bright Orange Ruffled Sun Dress, vintage 80's

Feb 14, 2011

My 2 Sweethearts

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you who celebrate. This weekend I celebrated the holiday by spending some quality time with my boyfriend, Mike. And although my son was with his dad this weekend, I had to include him in this post too, because he's the other sweetie of my heart. :)

Just a few quick things I find quite lovable about my honey:
After finding out about how much I love cowboys, he dressed up and pretended to be a real one in downtown Nashville and for a dancing night at a country bar - adorable! Woke me up one earrrrly morning to watch the sunrise. Designated an official m.o.p. for us. hahaha! Taught me how to whistle with a blade of grass. Is nice to my friends and family. Breaks into crazy dialects with me just for fun. Gives me piggy back rides when I get tired of walking. Likes to thrift, just like me. Strong hands. Incredibly gentle. Sweetly affectionate. Loves his animals. Loyal to his family. Told me I'd look pretty with gray hair! And will occasionally sing to me if I plead long enough. (I looooove that so much!)

singin' Frank Sinatra after our Valentine's dinner. ( hope I'm not in trouble for posting this!) hahah!

And my little Valentine. . .
I'm getting so into the mommy blogs lately. I especially adore reading the blogs of women who have just recently become mothers. It takes me back to all of my dear memories of when my son was younger and I have realllly started to miss those times lately because he is already 11! Many bittersweet tears come with watching a child grow up, I've realized! Just want to keep him young forever I guess.

my favorite photo I keep at my desk (age 3)

Quite possibly the best love letter I've ever received. heehehe :D

Just one of the MANY valentines I'll be keeping forever. (2nd grade)
Growing up soooooooooo fast.

Can't wait to hug these two later on today when I see them.

Hope you all enjoy this holiday with your own sweethearts, blog friends!

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