Dec 15, 2011

Leather & Wool

Some recently listed WOOL & LEATHER items added to the shop, along with some oldies but goodies. If that first coat fit me, you can bet I'd be keeping it! Same goes for the bottom zipper leather mini. Arrggh! SO COOl. Calling all 24" waists!


Dec 14, 2011

Goodie-Of-The-Month Club GIFT IDEAS

I remember wanting to do this post last year around the holidays in support of my fellow Etsy sellers! If you're looking for last minute gift ideas, why not purchase one of these fantastic gift-of-the-month deals? I've already decided on one for my sister, and am still wondering what my parents & a few friends might appreciate. Love the idea of a gift that keeps on giving for 3, 6, or even 12 months!

Here are some of my faves I'm checking out right now::

Soap of the month ~ 6 months long from seller FaithSoapsAndLove

Truffle of the month club ~ 3 months (not too long but would you just LOOK AT THOSE-yum!) from seller: estheraguirre

of the Month club ~ 12 months from seller Country Blossom

of the Month club ~ 3 months long. hillsidebakery

Cake Pops of the month club!! (hands down my favorite, thinking of purchasing for meself! ) JensCakePops
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