Dec 11, 2009

Novelty Print of the Day -- BIRDS & FOLIAGE 70's Keyhole MAXI Dress

Any dress that has birds on it is likely a dress I'm going to fall in love with immediately. I love that this one has a sheen to the fabric, and keyholes are always a favorite too. Do you like it? If I buy it, would you hate me if I turned it into a mini?

On Etsy from seller ReluctantDamsel

(what a cute cat in that first pic!)

Dec 10, 2009

She's a LADY.

Someone sang that song to me many moons ago. I liked it. :)
I think I mentioned somewhere before how different my style can be
from one day to the next. I know and love a pretty dress when I see one, the kind of dress that makes you feel ladylike. But I also have this other side. . .

It's this perpetual . . . flip . . . from ladylike to sexy.

and classic to trashy.

and good girl to femme fatale

and angelic to vixen. . .

I love to dress up because it lets me express each of these
sides of myself.

It's wild, isn't it? How putting on one thing makes you feel completely different than putting on another?
I love it, that's fashion. ♥

Here are some contrasting styles in the shop right now.
A few listed just today!

Dec 9, 2009

I Won! Thanks, DeniseBrain!

The beautiful and charming Maggie Wilds of DENISEBRAIN had a giveaway in late November. Imagine how happy I was to find out I was the lucky winner. :)
I have been a fan of Ms. Wilds ever since my early days on Ebay.

She always has amazingly gorgeous vintage pieces, and a bright beautiful smile in every picture. My favorite item from the giveaway was the red lipstick that she called a favorite on her blog. I haven't bought red lipstick in ages, believe it or not, and I'm so happy to have a perfect shade in my make-up bag now.

Here's what I unwrapped:: The goodies.

and. . .

this is my FAVORITE item available right now by DeniseBrain.
Isn't it pretty?

vintage 50's PINK CASHMERE Cardigan sweater.

It's fun to enter blog giveaways! There are always tons on my blogger dashboard
it seems. I'm happy I can say I've been a winner at least once. :)

Baby, It's FREEZING Outside!

So put some warm clothes on, please! I'm freezing when it is anything below 40 degrees outside. The cold isn't so bad though, as long as you are bundled up correctly. I've been wearing my wool cardigan sweater every single day, seriously. I layer it under my coat when I go outside and it keeps me so toasty warm, I love it.

Here are some more extra warm and toasty items in the shop for you to consider for your WINTER 2009 wardrobe.

By the way, there's a little SALE going on in the shop right now, and some of these items have been greatly reduced. SALE ENDS FRIDAY, so take a peek while you can!

Wednesday Wishlist: RED MARY JANES.

Red is my favorite color, is it obvious? I love when there's just a pop of it in an otherwise different colored outfit.

* a little red bow in the hair, or bright red tights, or a cute little pair of perfect red shoes *

I used to have a pair of red mary janes in high school and I miss them tons. Have never found a pair quite like the ones I loved, but I have definitely been looking.

Found these lovelies on ETSY. :)
Which ones are your fave?
How do you wear red in an outfit?

Wouldn't these look so cute with a little dress and black or white tights? ♥






Dec 8, 2009

You want a Pom Pom Hat too?

Every time I go out these days it seems I get compliments on my fuzzy pom pom hat. I noticed that many people always ask me, "where did you get that?!" I actually found it while thrifting years ago, and decided to keep it for myself when I realized that besides being adorably cute, it was actually AMAZINGLY warm!

Anyway, just recently I noticed that traffic has been coming to my blog by searching for "vintage pom pom hats". :) Since I won't ever be giving mine up, I thought I should share some others I found online.

Hope you find a cute one to keep YOUR head warm! Aren't these so cute?

bustownmodern on Ebay

indiecultvintage on Ebay

thriftwares on Ebay

agesagogo on Etsy

Toffee and Frosting

I like the combination of pinks and browns in the shop right now.
Reminds me of the holiday inspired drinks I've been getting at coffee shops lately. Don't you just LOVE when they have special holiday beverages?
My current favorite is the gingerbread latte. I can't seem to get enough.
Warm, sweet, and cozy in a cup. :)

Dec 7, 2009

Shadow Art Fair, Winter 2009

There is a local independent arts & crafts fair that goes on in the spring, and again in the winter every year. It is relatively new, I believe, and it's called The Shadow Art Fair. I absolutely LOVE it, and try to make it every time I can.

Here are a few things I really liked from the fair, it was held just this past Saturday.

The cycle-powered cinema. More info here.

Talk about a work-out, but such a COOL idea! Thanks Andy! :)

These gorgeous cakes from a company called Sweet Heather Anne. I love when bakers give you a sample too, what a TREAT. It was seriously delicious, and how PRETTY too!

LauraLyn (fellow Etsian!) had cute handmade Cosplay & Lolita styles. I really liked this scarf.
Cute bows & headbands too.

Bright kiss paintings = COOL.

The faces on these mugs really caught my eye! By yet another fellow Etsian
called J. Thomson Pots.
Aren't they fun?

Adorable. Wish I could remember the name of this shop! I'm sorry!

Their beard hats made me smile. :) They look so warm.

Pretty block prints.

A cool shirt I saw, just had to take a pic. ;)

And finally my favorite of all the vendors! Jewelry seller Sara Bradstreet. She was super sweet and friendly, and I LOVED her amazing statement pieces created from vintage jewelry. I was so happy to find out that she also has a little etsy shop called Broad Street! :)

Hope you enjoyed this little peek from an awesome way to spend a Saturday afternoon. For more information about the Shadow Art Fair, click HERE.
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