Oct 29, 2011

Tim Burton's VINCENT

I'm an eternal fan of Tim Burton! Wanted to share this cute little video in celebration of the holiday.

Happy Halloweekend, friends! 

Oct 27, 2011

MUCH Better on Her!

One of the hardest items to photograph are PANTS, any kind of bottoms really. This is why I feel the need to hire a model sometimes.

So you can imagine how grateful I was when I received this appreciation photo from one of my repeat customers, the beautiful Julie of Very Boutique. Doesn't she look terrific? My wall just doesn't cut it compared to the outfit pic of this pretty gal! Great styling, Julie! Those pants look like they fit like a glove, and I love how she paired them with a waist-defining shiny black belt & perfectly fit V-neck knit top.

If any of you have outfit photos in your Lola Vintage item, please by all means feel free to send 'em my way. You just might get a little surprise in your inbox afterward if you do. ;)

Oct 26, 2011

First Favorite Dress, Age 3

Do you remember your very first favorite dress? This one below was mine. I was 3 when this picture was taken.  Is it crazy that I remember battling my mother to be able to wear this little red puff sleeve polka-dot number? She wanted me to wear something brown to match the rest of the family. Because MATCHING is so important, didn't you know? ;) I protested. When the two flaps in front on the dress were opened, a happy smiling Pooh Bear could be seen underneath enjoying his sweet pot o' honey. How could I ever forget?

My awfully cut terribly short bangs courtesy of my older brother who decided to play barber for a day sometime before this picture was taken. *sigh*

In my never ending battle for organization, I'm going through my zillions of old pictures with 4 projects so far.
  1. a scrapbook for my son
  2. scanning old photos for family & friends to share on facebook
  3. preserving family photos for future generations
  4. understanding my fashion sense over time. (still love red, polka-dots, puff sleeves, and peek-a-boo dresses) :) Still love Pooh Bear too, though you most likely won't see me wearing a dress with him on it again. 
 Please share a link in the comments if you end up blogging about your first favorite outfit, my friends! I'd love to see it!

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