Aug 31, 2010

By all these lovely tokens

I know it may be hard to appreciate the cuteness of these warmer clothes in today's shop update, especially if you live anywhere near the mitten where I am and are taking in this 90+ degree weather we've been having for the last few days. BUT, September is upon us, darlings. . . and as if overnight we'll be tweeting about how we're enjoying the smells and sights of Autumn too too soon.

Happy September TOMORROW, can you even believe it?!


"By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
With summer’s best of weather
And autumn’s best of cheer."
- Helen Hunt Jackson, September, 1830-1885

1970s vintage HEIDI Lace Up Sweater Top
1970s Lace Up Sweater Top

Vintage LIBRARY GIRL Striped & Ruffled Dress
Librarian Girl Dress

vintage Serbin FESTIVE Wreath & Bow Print Cotton Day Dress
Bows & Wreaths Print Dress

1980's Dark Denim Puff Sleeve Jean Jacket
Dark Denim Jean Jacket

1960s GOOD GIRL Ruffled Lace Mini Dress
1960s Ruffled Lace Dolly Dress

vintage 70s SILVER CROSSING Metallic Sweater Top
Silver Stripes Vest Top

1960's Vintage AUTUMN FLORAL Shift Dress
Floral shift, 1960's

These new cuties added or (will be added very shortly) to the shop.

Novelty Print of the Day -- Vintage PAULINE TRIGERE Women & Trees Silk Dress

I can't believe the beauty that is this vintage Pauline Trigere dress. Besides the fact that it is made out of silk chiffon, the print is incredible. I love the fluidity of the women figures, they look like mythical goddesses, and they seem almost entranced by being in nature and surrounded by trees. The large tree that takes up nearly the entirety of the skirt of the dress is stunning! I'm in love with this.

For sale by B and H Studio on Ebay.

Aug 30, 2010

What'll I do?

Okay, let's be honest, some covers of songs just plain STINK. I won't go into naming the ones on my personal bad list, but it's true.

HOWEVER, sometimes, and more often than not actually, I come across a remake of a song that I absolutely love, and on a few occasions, even by accident!

A few years ago when my boyfriend worked in Portland for the summer, I found this song completely by accident on youtube and sent it to him when I was missing him like crazy. I love the voice of the girl, and her expressions and actions in the video reminded me so much of how I felt at the time.

♫ When I'm alone with only dreams of you that won't come true, what'll I do? ♫

The lovely song, originally written by Irving Berlin was also sung in the past by Julie London and Frank Sinatra, both also worthy of a listen.

My Best Friend's Wedding

One of my very dear friends, Abby Rose, was married this weekend to her sweetheart of 5 years, Tommy. I loved so many details of their charming little outdoor wedding, that I just had to share some pics! Hope you enjoy.

A + T = ♥

The Happy Couple

If I'm ever to be married, I hope it is an outdoor wedding as well. I really delighted in the greenery all around and especially the rose petals on the ground where the couple stood. Also, how about that little lacey 50's style wedding dress!? She had it specially made for her, and she couldn't have picked a more flattering and beautiful dress.
Such a cutie pie, my Abby Rose!

Beautiful outdoors
Holding hands

Really love the colors chosen for the outdoor decor too.
Outdoor setup for dinner

Awww, this picture (part of the decor) was from the beginning of their dating adventures.
This was the beginning.

The most ADORABLE ring bearer ever, Owen.
Owen <3

Gifts for guests: Locally harvested honey in jars. Such a cool token of appreciation, and very much like them to choose a local product to support.
Love is Sweet The sweetest gift. :)

The prettiest guest seating!
Cute bird seat for a guest

"Please sign our guest book" area, complete with past pictures of relatives
and an old school typewriter. Loved the vintage feel here!
Love this guestbook setup! Gorgeous book of Engagement photosScrapbook 2
The setting at night, so incredibly lovely.
Lit up at night, so pretty!

My sis and I had a marvelous time, wish we would have taken more pics with the bride, though! Will have to post the photo booth ones after I scan them. Photo booths at weddings are SUCH a fun idea, btw!
At dinner

All my love to the new Mr. and Mrs.

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