Apr 14, 2011

Clothes I Never Wear

How often do you stand in front of your closet and see clothes you cannot remember wearing, maybe EVER? Today I decided to do an outfit post on those so often ignored pieces.

This metallic peacock green dress I've owned for YEARS, and I've been telling myself I'm going to have it altered to fit me correctly for that long too. Procrastination city! The ruffled cream bolero I nearly forced myself to wear to a wedding I attended in California. Thankfully, it matched well I thought. But before that, I'd never worn it once. And those cute brown metallic tights I bought brand new, I had so many plans to wear them out with cute lil' black mini dresses! This photo is the very first time I've ever put them on! It's true. Happy to say I did have many nights out with those cute black bow high heeled shoes tho . . .  in my twenties. . . *sigh*

What I've decided to do: I'm going to probably list the dress in my shop for someone it will actually fit right, give the bolero to my sis or a friend to have for a while.  And I think I have to keep those tights & cute heels to wear them on my next date with my man. Oh, girls! The road to overflowing closets is paved with good intentions! ;)

AND NOW . . . your turn! Yes, I'm challenging you - go to your closet and make an outfit of the clothes you never wear! Go ahead, put them all together and see what you've got. Time to give them a new life, or give them up.


Apr 13, 2011

My Heart is an Idiot

When I was 18 and fresh and new to the world of being an adult, I made a small documentary about love. I watched it about two summers ago and CRINGED. My idea about love and romance has changed SO much since I put that little video together years ago. But I still love to hear about what everyone else has to say on the subject, so when I saw that Davy Rothbart (creator of Found Magazine) made one about his love life and the turmoil in it, I knew I'd be marking my calendar to be one of the first to grab a seat. The movie makes it's world premiere in my town on April 22nd, and you bet I'll be there. I'm kinda nuts about lovey stuff like this, especially when it shows the ups AND the downs, because god knows relationships aren't always a bowl of cherries. Here's the trailer.
My Heart is an Idiot

p.s. if I ever find the courage, I'll post some clips from the one I made. Believe me, you'll feel embarrassed FOR me. :-P

I Promised You a Rose Garden

Didn't I? ;)

Just a handful or two of the recently listed floral pieces added to the shop!
I loved adding these because I think they're making my Etsy page look like it's blossoming. Speaking of blossoms, are any of you starting on your indoor gardens yet?


Two more days till Friday, everyone!

{Shop LoLa}

Botanical Gardens White Cotton Day Dress, 80's
Falling Pink Blossoms Nipon Boutique Skirt & Blouse Set, 80's
1960's Flowers & Lace Embroidered Linen Shift Dress (L/XL size!)
Rose Garden Puff Sleeve Floral Day Dress, 80's
Black Spring Cotton Floral Halter Dress, 80's, early 90's
70's Embroidered Vine Ruffled Blouse
Monet Muse Sheer Floral Plisse Dress, vintage 70's
Peach Roses Open Back Floral Dress, vintage 80's
Painted Floral Black Maxi Tank Dress, vintage 80's
Pink Mums Plunging V neck Floral Dress, vintage 80's
Wild Iris Sheer Floral Dress, vintage 70's
Calico Patchwork Cotton Day Dress, vintage 70's
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