Dec 4, 2009

Buffalo 66, It's a Love Story

This time of the year is when I watch the most movies.

I'm especially fond of unconventional love stories.

Here are some stills from one of my favorites of all time, Buffalo 66, with Christina Ricci and Vincent Gallo.

"No bullshit faces. No funny faces. Just look like you like me. That's all l want."

"Just look like we are a married couple, *spanning time*!"

"If you make me look bad, I will never ever talk to you again. Ever."

"I was only kidding when l said I wanted to lay down with you. So don't get your hopes up."

"Guess what happened today? I got a girl...and she's very pretty, and she's very nice, and she loves ME..."

♥ Love this scene from the movie. The beautiful song is "Moonchild" by King Crimson.

Rust Cardigan & Velvet Skirt

I thought I did well with this one! I'm slowly but surely learning how to accessorize better. I've never really been good at it, honestly. I know I sell vintage clothing so it might seem like one goes in hand with the other, but I'm just the kind of girl who loves a pretty dress when I see one. As for styling, though, that's a completely different story! Thank goodness for inspiring online fashion sites! Chictopia, yes that's you, and you're one of my faves.

I loved the fall feeling of this entire outfit.

Rust is such a favorite Autumn color of mine. Think of all of those leaves that turned from green to this color, and then floated down to the sidewalk. . .

The jewel tone pendant belt and teal velvet skirt are both from the shop. I really love the combination of all of these warm tones.

Some of the coolest boots I own. They belonged to my friend's grandmother and I
received them as a sentimental gift. ♥

The vintage gray wool hat was also a gift, from a former boyfriend. Won't be parting with this, it's too pretty and keeps me warm!

Be Warm

So if you're living in any of the cold parts of the world, then you know the importance of having cute and comfy sweaters around to keep you nice and warm.
Here are several from the shop, along with a couple of sweater DRESSES that would look darling with tights and boots.

Hope you find something you love! ♥


Dec 3, 2009

Behind the Lola, 22 questions

last of the harvest, early fall.

I was recently tagged by one of my favorite gals from the 3 W's, KAREN, and since I rarely get around to actually doing these little surveys I thought it would be fun to stop and try it out on this slow and quiet Thursday of mine. So. . . even though you may already know a little bit about me from previous posts, here are some random other things in the form of 22 questions.

1. Your hair? I dye it light brown in the spring and dark brown in the fall. I suppose I need a change, and find myself often wanting to be a redhead.

2. Your favorite food? Almost ANYTHING with Vinegar. Love the stuff, and it's good for you too.

3. Your favorite drink? Iced tea or Iced mint mochas. I also love a delicious Mojito every now and again, with fresh mint. . . mmmmm. *refreshing*

4. Your dream/goal? #1 To be a good mama to this precious and silly little boy. And to keep selling pretty vintage clothes via my Etsy shop forever because I love it so much and it's what makes me happy. :) ♥

5. Your hobby? Writing in pretty journals, thrifting, traveling, and DANCING!

6. Your fear? Losing anyone I love to tragedy.

7. Where were you last night? Watching Jeopardy with my new sweet man.

8. Something you say all the time? "Good Gravy!"

9. Something that you're not? ORGANIZED. *sigh* But I'm constantly working on it, promise!

10. Wishlist item? Almost ANY dress designed by Alexander McQueen, but probably one like this. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. That man is a creative genius!

11. Last thing you did? Put balsamic-roasted veggies in the oven for lunch.

12. What are you wearing? My favorite high-waisted blue velvet pants with a plain white t-shirt.

13. Your pets? Linus, a super cozy black cat.

"Hi, I'm Linus, and I'm the most cuddly cat in the whole wide world!"

14. Friends? I'm grateful for them! Thank goodness for phones and facebook, though, because some of my favorite friends have moved out of the mitten. That being said, I'm so happy to currently be making new friends online! Here are some of my real life besties.

15. Missing someone? My beautiful mama, wish she lived closer so much . . .

16. Something you're not wearing? bracelets.

17. Your favorite store? I really like Aveda and Sephora. And vintage shops, of course!

18. Your favorite color? Red

19. The last time you cried? When I told mom about my new special man. :)

20. When's the last time you laughed? This morning at this hilarious nightgown I found on Etsy.

21. One place that I go to over and over? Barnes & Noble. Unbelievable inspiration and coffee too? Happy me. :)

22. Where do you eat? At the dinner table or on nights when my son isn't with me, in front of the TV sometimes. shhhhh! ;)

I get to tag 6 of you now... and I choose these cool gals. Can't wait to read your answers. :D


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Jayne at The Little Passenger
Chie at Vivat Veritas
Zach at Nod To Mod Vintage

Dec 2, 2009

Wednesday Wishlist :: SUEDE OXFORDS

There's something about suede that just says FALL to me. Buttery and soft, suede looks like it was made for this time of year. I love finding it in cool colors, especially in outerwear or shoes. I was inspired to do this Wednesday Wishlist when I first fell in love with these adorable purple shoes from Small Earth Vintage. Yes, I too was sad when those lovelies sold out of her shop. The lucky gal out there who purchased those oughtta know I'm jealous! ;) Why, if they'd have been my size, I'd be wearing them right now!

Here are some other cute SUEDE OXFORDS from Etsy that I find just so fitting for today's Wednesday Wishlist. Hope you find a pair to add to your vintage fall shoe collection. Imagine these with a mini and some tights. . . yes, that's the look I'm aiming for this season! :)









Mid-Week in Autumn

It's Wednesday, the middle of the week in early December and Autumn still takes it's course outside. I'm so happy for fall days that include the sunshine. "Please don't go away," I want to beg every time it comes out. Lack of light has such an affect on my mood, how about you? Whenever I tell people this they often say, "Why are you living in Michigan, Jessica?!" Someday I'll move south, I just know it!

Here are some new arrivals mixed in with some older listed goodies from the shop. These items are meant to keep you WARM while looking CUTE. Yes, I always long for 70+ degree weather, but while I'm stuck in these next two seasons, I'm focused on wearing and finding perfect-for-fall-and-winter clothes.

(I'm also focused on trying to stay away from overdoing it on perfect-for-fall-and-winter COMFORT FOOD so I can actually FIT in some of my special finds.) heehe. ;)

example #1, I found this ridiculously cute belted suede 70's jacket &
wanted to keep it, but the waist is too small!

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