Mar 22, 2011

Sheer Ruffled Pink & a Surprise!

Why am I smiling? For a few reasons. First, I scored this ridiculously cute dress at a flea market recently at a great price. I initially wanted to call it the "Lola Vintage dress" just because if you put something in front of my face that is pink, ruffled and sheer, chances are I'll probabaly love it! :)  The button detail and pintucks in front and back are also very much my cup of tea. Aren't those frilly cuffs just so doggone cute?

The second reason I'm smiling is because I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon to be in sunny California for a week with my honey.  {Please keep this in mind in case you buy anything from tomorrow until The 30th, as shipping will be delayed.) We'll be attending his brother's wedding in Palm Springs and afterward we're going to try camping in the Joshua Tree National Park. SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED!

Lastly, see that cute chained wicker vintage purse I'm holding in these pics? One lucky winner will be the new owner of it by next week when I get back because. . .

I'm having a G I V E A W A Y on Erin's blog which starts today! You'll find another little surprise that will be going along with the giveaway once you drop by the CALIVINTAGE blog. Don't miss your chance to enter gals, and good luck!


This is the face of a gal who knows she's going to be in sunshiny warm weather in only ONE DAY! :)

Mar 21, 2011

Spring (Continued)

I've been stocking the shop like crazy this weekend with spring-worthy pretties. Be sure to take a gander for some of the cutest florals and light colored pieces from the 50's - 80's. Below are some already listed and those coming to the shop hopefully within the next 24 hours. I leave for my trip to Palm Springs, California in 2 days so I'm a super busy bee today and tomorrow, but I promise to do my best to get the ones not yet listed up in the shop ASAP.

1960's Falling Flowers Cotton Day Dress
Falling Flowers Colorful Cotton Spring Dress, Vintage 60's
1970's Bohemian Bride Crochet Trim Cotton Maxi Dress
80's Pleated Ascot Royal Blue Blouse
80's Draped Lace Cream Blouse
Draped Lace Sleeveless Cream Blouse, vintage 80's
80's A Thousand Daisies Black & White Romper
One Thousand Daisies Black Ruffled Floral Romper, Vintage 80's
Five Tiers of Ruffles 80's Party Dress
1950's Sea Foam Lace Cocktail Dress with Bow
Colorful Pheasants 80's Polished Cotton Black Skirt
1960's Tapestry and Velvet Burgundy Mini Dress
80's Painted Bouquet Maxi Tank Dress
1960's Ceeb Watercolor Flowers Bright Cotton Romper
Garden of Bright Cotton Floral Romper, vintage 60's
70's Pale Beige Ruffled Boho Dress (L/XL)
Pale Beige Ruffled Boho Dress, vintage 70's
1950's Embroidered Eyelet Lace Circle Skirt
Sweet Eyelet Lace Full White Twirling Skirt, Vintage 50's
80's Raw Umber Lace Collar Dress by Act I

Mar 20, 2011

Brick Bash :: For the Love of Legos!

Saturday March 19th marked the first Brick Bash that my son and I attended together. By chance I found out about the event while looking on my local library's website. Really made me realize there is so much going on right in and around my town that I need to be checking out. We had so much fun, and the best part about it was that I kept it a complete surprise to my boy, he didn't know what was going on until we walked in. :) As a matter of fact, he was under the impression that we were going thrifting for the entire day (something he highly dislikes) and so to see the look on his face upon the awareness of where we were was PRICELESS! Sometimes it's so hard to keep the good surprises a secret! Here are some fun pics of of the event, that first one was my favorite. Isn't it amazing what some people have done with tiny little LEGOs? More pics of the event on my flickr page.

Hope all of you are enjoying the last day of the weekend!

SO happy my son had a good time, I LOVE surprising him!
This is the guy we ended up buying. Isn't he cute?
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