Aug 15, 2012

Liberty of London & Linen

IMG_3203a IMG_3194a

such a sweet combination!
Fell in love with this vintage 70s blouse that I thrifted just within the last week or so. It was actually part of a skirt set, and while the 22" waist of the skirt was never going to fit this waistline in a million years, *thankfully* somehow the top fit perfectly. There are 2 tags and one reads "Mandy Pothecary" and the second attached tag, "Fabric by Liberty of London" - this didn't surprise me in the least, and completely explains that beautiful cotton floral print. There's a nice little write up about the incredible textiles of this company here. I adore the smocking at the waist & off - shoulder neckline too. Kept thinking, "this is so me." Bright red linen pants also thrifted a while ago -ridiculously comfortable. Can I please wear linen pants every day? Lastly, being big enough only for essentials, that tiny vintage floral leather purse has served me well this summer, and I love when it accidentally matches my outfits!

Aug 13, 2012

Summer Snippets

To see the summer sky
Is poetry, though never in a book it lie -

True poems flee.
~Emily Dickinson

IMG_1364 IMG_0676 IMG_0101 IMG_2284 IMG_0690a IMG_9890 momngirls sis30 sunset2012
If you've been following my blog or twitter for a while, it's no secret that summer is my favorite season! Being warm and outdoors just makes me happy, what can I say? Wanted to share a few sparkling moments of my life from these past few bright & sunshiny perfect months... Doesn't that bit from Emily Dickinson above just say it all? :)

In order:
1. I jumped in the pool with one of my favorite vintage dresses on - it was utterly exhilarating, and I love the picture my sister snapped.
2. Saw a double rainbow ("oh my god, all the way!" :p)
3. Lake day -I was on a date right here!
4. Finally took my boy to the Lego store which is located in a mall about an hour away. Lego-addict, that one! He was in HEAVEN.
5. Made some new girlfriends. Steph, in the middle, has a food blog with pics & recipes that will make your mouth water!
6. Pressed a bunch of flowers from my backyard for memories of summer, 2012. I loved the bleeding hearts best.
7. My sis & I attacking my mama with kisses for a picture. We were *so happy* she visited for a few days!
8. The ladies of my family toasting my sis on the beginning of her 3rd decade of life. ♥ She's darn lucky to have a summer birthday, and I tell her that every single year.
9. sittin' on the dock o' the bay . . . sippin on a rum & coke watching the sun go down. That day may have just been my favorite day of the entire year. :)

Hope all of you had some sparkling summer moments of your own! Fall is just around the corner, and though I'm excited about buying cardigans & getting cozy, I know it won't be long after till I'm pining for July again. . .
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