Nov 24, 2011


Thankful for so many things this Thanksgiving day, but mostly these people, who love me despite all of my faults! (and believe me, I have many) ;)

Mom & Dad
My awesome son Lukas
My sweet niece Sophia
My darling nephew Isaac
And my siblings who know me through and through!

Really don't know where I would be without the love and support of these people. Also thankful for true friends, the ability to work for myself, moments when I write something that I really like, quiet reading time, LAUGHING, and dark chocolate. And last but not least, hugely grateful for being inspired by a community of  AMAZING people online.That would include you, dear blogger friends. :)


Nov 21, 2011

Just a Little Meow


The wiggle or sheath dress is one of my favorite silhouettes! But it's the leopard print collar that made this particular outfit have that certain FUN factor for me. ;) Isn't it crazy cute?  It's detachable (so it can be added onto any kind of outfit), and I quite fancy how it adds just a smidgen o' sass to an otherwise tame little getup.

Can't help it! I completely thought of this scene when I was wearing this!

sheer collar shirt: banana republic
vintage 50s belted shift dress: vintage boutique
vintage 50s leopard print fur collar: thrifted
boots: gift from a bestie
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