Sep 14, 2011

Creatures and Comforts

hello there friends. I'm still alive. If I haven't blogged for almost a week I always feel terrible about it and that lasts for about another week. oh the guilt! I've been a little out of sorts lately because I had a wisdom tooth extracted on Monday and I've been on pain relievers non-stop since then. My brain's starting to feel a little fuzzy. But that particular tooth had been giving me trouble all last week, so I'm glad I got it taken care of when I did.
 * * * * *
Just wanted to share a few recent photos since I haven't in a while. I'm also dedicating this post to Ms. AnDee Barrett, creator of what came to be my weekly inspiration, Fit to Be Seen. I'm saddened that she recently closed her blog but just wanted to mention that I *always* loved the beautiful images and honesty of her posts. There's something about the realness of her writing that makes me feel connected and reminds me to be grateful. Thank you Andrea. And just to let you know. . . I'll follow you wherever your next space happens to be. :)

Treating myself to a cardamom cinnamon tea at my favorite coffee shop. I like all of the light going on in this picture.
Fell in love with these flowers from my neighbor's yard this summer. I think they're called Moon Flowers. Every time I'd really stop to look at one I couldn't help but to think of the word, "perfect".
Mr. Green. Walked outside of my apartment to find this little guy just, you know, chilling out on my plant. He stayed still the entire time I photographed him!
Hearts in nature.♥ Found while out on an evening walk with my son.
8 times out of 10 this fuzzy creature of love is what I see when I pull up into my driveway. Every single time it brings a smile to my face.
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