Aug 30, 2011

Fall Wardrobe Wishlist

Just wanted to share some of my recent Etsy faves that I think are especially perfect for Fall weather! Not only are these particular items some of my faaaavorite from the virtual vintage racks of etsy, but they're also what I look for when restocking the shop for this time of year.

Leaf Print Dress and matching purse. Such a great print! How fitting for fall, yes?


Belted Cardigan Sweater, looks sooo cozy for cool days.

High Waist Blue Jeans, I love the contrast stitching on these.
Concetta's Closet

Fitted Velvet Blazer Jacket, always a favorite of mine: pretty, feminine, AND warm.

Feminine Knit dress, I love the wheat brown color of this one!

Pretty Leather Boots, the deep burgundy color of this pair would look great paired with some long dresses I have.

Aug 28, 2011

Camp Counselor

It's been a while, blogger friends! I've been feeling like a mad woman over here, preparing for the busy-ness that comes with fall: getting my son ready for school, getting car checkups, seeing family and More family and MORE family while it's still warm, and trying to catch out-of-town friends when they stop in for a visit. Whew! Leaves little time for the self, which is VITALLY necessary in my life, so I've been taking every last sip of the not-long-enough drink that is summer, and now I feel like one of those kids with a big straw sucking out the few drops in the bottom of the cup. I'm not complaining, I'm happy that I can count on 2 more months of guaranteed warm-ish weather before winter hits!

Picked up this little vintage 80s sailor romper sometime earlier this summer. I *adore* sailor styles. But when I put this together I completely felt like a camp counselor! haha! It's almost too costume-y for my liking, but I wanted to get some pics for fun. When I wore it out, I had to remove the little red tie, it just seemed too much, too young or something. (last pic) Suddenly it occurred to me how my style has very much changed from my 20's to my 30's.

Hope all of you are enjoying these last days of August! Soon enough we're going to be seeing pictures of pumpkins & leaves changing color on our favorite blogs, sipping apple cider on these cooler evenings. Truth be told I always start craving pumpkin pie around the beginning of September. :)
Muuuuch better, don't you think so?
This works for me!↓

PC: A big thank you to my brother for taking these pics!
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