Jan 12, 2010

Fresh Batch of Country Chic

Haven't posted a shop update in a while, but that doesn't mean I haven't been listing, my dears. Cannot let that New Year's resolution fail me, (the one about listing new items every week.) January is in FULL SWING here in the mitten, and these pretty items from the shop have a dash of country girl flare.

Don't you just love that dirndl? Those are some of my favorite style of dresses. The skirt has some heart shapes with floral detail too. . .
did someone say Valentine's day?


  1. I'm not into the country chic look but these are some cute finds!

  2. Lots of great new goodies! That necklace is super cute too!

  3. Love the dirndl, that gray skirt, and the cute basket of flowers necklace!

  4. last pic u look fithteen teen in the sixties LôÔL - sacrée Lola !!


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