Jul 1, 2009

We're Sleek in Black.

Inspired by my cat Linus, I was determined to get out of my gloomy mood today due to too much sad news within the past week. Why not play dress up? I found my favorite little black dress in that area of my closet of "dresses I'll never sell" and paired it with some belts that are now in the shop (except for the Christopher Ross bow belt, it just sold today, which is precisely why I had to take the opportunity to get one last pic!) ;)

About my inspiration:

Cuddling Linus: He loves to cuddle, but only on HIS terms. If I want to cuddle with him, absolutely not. But at 6 in the morning nearly every morning he comes and nuzzles his little wet nose on my arm as if to say, "I'm ready now."

Weird Linus: The shape of his dry food comes in X's. He only eats the ends and never, EVER eats the middle.

Hilarious Linus: I can't count the number of times when I'm working on the computer when he's in the room and if I get up suddenly, he jumps out of surprise about a foot in the air. Makes me crack up laughing every single time.

I love this black cat, and this little black dress too!


With Avant Garde beaded belt.

With Christopher Ross bow belt. (While falling in love with a pair of shoes recently found!)

With the catty 80's glam leopard belt.

My napping Linus, he's just tuckered right out, ready for a nap, just like he always is. :D



  1. You look great in that dress - if it's not selling there's a reason! :)

  2. great dress ! with a belt is better uh .

  3. Cute...i love it paired with the red belt. Check out the giveaway on my blog ♥

  4. Thanks, gals. I love that little dress, could never ever sell it. I've worn it out so many times, but I still love it like I did when I first found it! ;)

  5. love the dress & bow belt combo, super cute! and that cat is too adorable :D

  6. wow.. how sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mami ;b + i had the same black with green eyes cat ! "une merveille !!"

  7. Beeeeeeautiful dress! I especially love it with the bow belt. Tres chic :)


    Camille @ Paris in Pink


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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