Apr 18, 2011

Water For Elephants

Love story. Based on the best selling novel by Sara Gruen. With Robert Pattinson, and lovely Reese Witherspoon. Centered around the happenings of a circus.  Comes out this Friday.

And. . . set in the 1930's.
Ok, you've got me, it's really the clothes I want to see! But, of course!

Movie stills found here.  

Miss Witherspoon looks so stunning, doesn't she? I love that hair style.
Here's the trailer.

Milk and Honey

Two absolutely necessary components of my thrice weekly oatmeal that I cannot live without, and the inspiration for this shop update. P.s. Yes, that is a sweater in the first picture. It's snowing here, but about a week ago, the temperature was above 80. I'm a Mitten Girl and have been for life, so I'm used to it. Happy Monday, ladies! XO

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Apr 17, 2011

Wretches & Jabberers Soundtrack

I'm always on the hunt for new music, and have fallen in love with many movie soundtracks in my life. Three that immediately come to mind are those from the movies Pumpkin, Buffalo 66, and Frida.

So just the other day, when I was browsing youtube hoping to find some songs from Buffalo 66 sung by Vincent Gallo, I was pleased to find a new song performed by him, from the recently released Wretches & Jabberers soundtrack. It was LOVE at first play. The best part is, all 20 of the original songs from the soundtrack are on youtube for listening. I listened to every single one of them within the last week, and the soundtrack has now made the list as a new favorite. Lovely listening for your Sunday, girls! AND, I've taken all of the work out of clicking on separate links for each track. I made a youtube playlist you'll find below of every song, in order as it appears on the cd.

Some of those names below should give you an idea of how great the music will be. The movie is a documentary about two Autistic men, Tracy Thresher and Larry Bissonnette, who, according to the website, go into the world to "change attitudes about disability and intelligence." It comes out this month, and is now on my list of movies to watch this spring.

View the trailer here.
And if you're interested, purchase the soundtrack here. 

Track List

1) "The Reasons Why" Performed by J. Ralph
2) "Change is Gonna Come" Performed by Norah Jones
3) "The Letter" Performed by Carly Simon
4) "More Like You" Performed by Ben Harper
5) "Killingly Hard" Performed by Antony & J. Ralph
6) "Flower & the Lion" Performed by Vashti Bunyan
7) "Given to Us" Performed by Ben Taylor
8) "Breaking the Hold" Performed by Bob Weir
9) "Lying down Statues" Performed by Devendra Banhart & J. Ralph
10) "Birdsong" Performed by Judy Collins
11) "Low Barefoot Tolerance" Performed by Stephen Stills
12) "One Whole Hour" Performed by Scarlett Johannson
13) "No Regard" Performed by Vincent Gallo
14) "Four Brave Souls" Performed by David Garza
16) "Pretty Words Lie" Performed by Nic Jones
17) "Fighters & Factitioners" Performed by Martin Carthy
18) "Hello For The First Time (Four Words)" Performed by Paul Brady
19) "Entenderse" Performed by Lila Downs
20) "Birdsong (Reprise)" Performed by Leah Siegel

Happy Sunday! 
Hope you enjoy these 20 beautiful songs.

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