Apr 6, 2010

These Colorful Things

Hello, hello friends.

I'm 2 1/2 hours away from home right now
visiting my family in the central Mitten.
Today is rainy, but I still have a little trip planned to my favorite antique store later on. I really want to take pics, but unfortunately my camera battery is dead, and I forgot the recharger, so if I do take pics it will be with my phone.
I can't tell you how excited I get to walk into this little antique shop. It's actually not little at all, though it looks small from the outside. It's HUGE with a ton of clothes way in the back of the building. I predict I'll spend about 2 hours there today. . . YAY! :)

Enjoy this little shop update with a few things very recently listed and a few things that have been hiding out on page 5 of the shop.
These colorful things are making my shop pages so bright, I love it!
Thank goodness for easy relisting on Etsy.


Snakeskin heels in Azure Blue
Belted Raspberry Pink Dress Metallic Copper Tones Pleated Dress
Sunshine yellow Bow Necktie Blouse
1950's Strappy Kitten Heels
High Waist Lipstick Red Skirt Suit
Embroidered Pockets Khaki Sun Dress


Apr 5, 2010

Novelty Print of the Day -- Art Deco Dames Vintage Blouse

I've always loved finding vintage blouses or dresses that have prints of faces or fashionable ladies on them.

This blouse by Planetclairevintage
has been in my Etsy favorites for a while. The flapper styles of the 1920's are well depicted on this fun and colorful top! I love how the bright colors contrast with the black and white. It would look so cute paired with a red or black skirt.

A cute conversation piece, don't you think?

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