Sep 18, 2009

Are you SUITable for these sets?

I'm a big fan of the SKIRT SUIT, especially the feminine, fitted version. Pair with a belt and matching heels and you're ready to conquer a day at the office, while toting that large coffee around in one hand, anyway. ;)

Here are three skirt suits in the shop right now and I think they're lovely. I'm shopping this weekend and will be on the lookout for more pretty vintage skirt sets, so stay tuned.

Wishing you, yes YOU a great weekend. ;) xo

Pink & black tweed, a favorite color combination.
Mod 2 toned, "power suit".

Raspberry deluxe.

Sep 17, 2009

Last day for my favorite Summer LBD.

Looking at, I realize temps are going to be inching their way toward the 60's next week. This will likely be the last week I get to wear this, my favorite little black dress of the summer. I love the open knit yoke on the bodice, and of course the mini length. You can't tell by the pics, but the solid black part of the dress is made of a cotton blend plisse fabric, so it's so comfortable and lightweight too.

The shoes below I fell in love with earlier this spring. They've certainly seen their share of sidewalk this summer! Aren't they so cute & mod? Both items (shoes & dress) were thrifted, and the belt was given to me by a friend.

I miss posting outfits and hope to do so more often when temps give me no other choice but to be inside. ;)

Novelty Print of the Day -- The TORTOISE and HARE Race on a Dress!

Oh, dear bloggers. This is one of the cutest dresses I've ever seen. If you guessed Vested Gentress as the maker, you're correct! Those big bubbly illustrated animals would tell you right away. Doesn't this remind you of childhood, Aesop's fables to be exact? Definitely what you'd call RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE! For sale right now by oldage on Etsy!

Sep 16, 2009

Wednesday Wishlist, Luxurious Velvet and Satin

Something has been happening to me every time I see satin and velvet together on the same page. I think it has to do with the fall 2009 ChloƩ ad campaign! When I first saw this ad, I felt myself become a little breathless. Literally. I love everything about it; the high waists, the feminine details, the hair, the golden field. It's just dreamy and gorgeous!

(img via

Inspired by the above image, I wanted to share a few of my hearted Etsy items with the same theme. I hope you find a new love for luxurious velvet & satin this fall, they're my favorite fabrics right now. As beautiful as they are separately, the marriage of glossy satin with lush velvet in one outfit is, in my eyes, perfection. Enjoy!












Novelty Print of the Day -- Pretzels o' plenty 70's Vintage Jeans

Earlier in the blog I featured a pair of jeans from this same seller, bobbre1, that had foaming beer mugs all over them. You can find those here.
I thought these PRETZEL JEANS were just as fun! haha! Where would you ever see something like this again? Thank goodness for vintage!

Sep 15, 2009

Novelty Print of the Day -- WILDLIFE Scenic 70's Maxi Skirt

Animal lovers, I just recently found this 70's wildlife print on Ebay. Isn't it darling? The little lamb is my favorite. It's also new old stock, still with tags. Being offered currently by booboopeedoo. Get your bids in if you like it!

Sep 14, 2009

Novelty Print of the Day -- Traveling Flappers Vintage Top

Such a cool scene on this vintage top available by Deargolden on Etsy! Traveling flapper girls adorn this sleeveless top, one of them even has her man right by her side! I love the details of this illustration, from the 20's style hats and suitcases, to the cigar coming out of the man's mouth. So very unique, and there's just something romantic about it too. :)

Sep 13, 2009

Coming Soon and Recently Listed:: Shop Update

Oh, I'm so excited about listing this week's inventory in the shop! Be on the lookout for these items below (some have already been listed) AND a few super cute sweaters that haven't yet been photographed. I'm currently in love with the first little dress, still wondering if I should just keep it for myself! ;) I LOVE sailor dresses! Isn't Mr. Owl so adorable too?

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

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