Apr 1, 2010

Denim, Florals, and Lace, OH MY!

SPRING FEVER has definitely made the shop a little prettier, don't you think so?

I love the mix of denim, florals, and lace right now.

Speaking of spring fever . . . it's been marvelous going to the park directly after I pick up my son from school lately. Just a simple walk outside can be quite awe-inspiring. The teeny tiny little buds are popping out on the trees, the birds are tweeting cheerfully,
there seems to be a genuinely happy feeling in the air between people.

My favorite time of the year by far.
E N J O Y it.

Mar 31, 2010

Complete Etsy Outfit, #1

Oh, how I love clothes and the accessories that go with them.
So much. Too much? Maybe.

(You should see my closets, yes with an "s". *sigh*)

I'm on Etsy quite often, not just listing, but checking out other sellers' items too. I'm always thinking that "this" from one seller would go so well with "that" from another seller.

Thus: "Complete Etsy Outfit" was born.
Here is a little get-up I put together
from other sellers' darling items.
Though I love each and every piece on its own,
I think if they were all put together
they would make quite a perfect little outfit for Spring!

Takes a little imagination, but can you see what I'm talking about?

The pretties are definitely calling out my name this season!

Love something you see?

Denim & Lace Ruffled Mini Dress - TimeBanditsVintage
Floral revival Doc Martens - savagespider
Yellow Cardigan Sweater - Paradox
Floppy Suede Hat- VintageDove
Frosty white flower necklace - smallandmousey

Mar 29, 2010

Novelty Print of the Day -- Pink Elephants Vested Gentress Mini

How cute is this? I know my novelty print posts seem few and far between these days, but this one I HAD to share! Smiling pink elephants on a little mini skirt (skorts underneath, actually).

Don't pink elephants represent happiness while being tipsy or something? Kinda funny!

By ClaraPeyton on Etsy.

And guess who made it?

* * Happy Monday * *


Mar 28, 2010

Sunday Shop Update

Been busy listing, yes I have!
Trying to find the brights and lights (bright colors and light fabrics for spring) but I can't help it if I find an occasional dark velvet dress that must be a part of my little online vintage shop.

{Note the middle dress with the huge ruffled sleeves.}
I have a soft spot for frills, what can I say?

More listings coming very soon, Enjoy!

1950's Coral Cotton Shirtwaist Day Dress, this color is so pretty

80's NWT Little Black Cocktail Dress, love the shape with this one

Silk & Lace Tiered skirt, quite possibly the loveliest skirt I've ever seen! Circa 1940's/50's.

Romantica. . . 70s Crochet Lace high neck blouse

Denim & Daisies Overalls for Spring, C U T E.

I can never resist an off shoulder dress, in luxe velvet too.

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