May 19, 2011

Blame Cyndi Lauper

I'm going to be listing some pretty rad 80's pieces soon, ladies! If you've followed my blog for a while, you know how much I adore this time period. It's the time when I was a little girl and envied my aunts for being grown ups and spending their Friday & Saturday evenings getting all dressed up to go out. Ahh, their outfits! Puff sleeves, pastel knits, acid washed jeans, bright "pumps" and all! ;) But I can't say they were the only influence on me! I can't even look at a bright strapless mini dress without thinking of my favorite multi-color haired 1980s singer. Honest to Betsey, I remember watching this woman on TV back then and wanting nothing more than to BE HER when I grew up. Was inspired to share this with all of you when I was looking at outfits I'm planning for my next 80's night out!

It's true, this flash of brilliant color, this adorable skirt-spinning pixie embodied SPUNK to my young little girl mind. With her free-spirited attitude and fearless fashion sense, she seemed like *the* definition of FUN in my book. Here she is, my #1 girlhood idol! Oh, and if you were wondering, YES, the title of my tumblr blog is surely inspired by her. ;) Seriously, how can you not just love a woman who sings a song called, "Girls just wanna have fun"?

I love you, Cyndi Lauper!!

Found some old favorites on Youtube if you wanna rehash your girlhoods too! Girls just wanna have fun, Time after Time, True Colors, She Bop , What's going on, All through the Night, He's so unusual Yeah, Yeah,, Change of heart , I'll kiss you, Maybe He'll Know.

PC: images via google and GJWHF video stills.

May 16, 2011

More Color Please

In an effort to brighten up the shop a bit for spring and summer, I've decided to have a 25% off sale on all black items! I was just rearranging my shop today by color, and couldn't believe how many black items I have. Nothing wrong with that, lord knows I cannot pass by a cute little black dress without picking it up! But I have got to put some more COLOR in the shop for this season especially, that's obvious to me now!

Please use coupon code: "MoreColorPlease" to shop the all black sale {HERE}. 

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