May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Sale!

Hello blog readers and vintage lovers! If you've been eyeing something in the shop, now is the time to snatch it up! Take advantage of the Memorial Day Weekend Sale from now until Monday night 11:59 EST.

Details are in the shop announcement!
Enjoy, and HAVE A FANTASTIC, long and relaxing weekend!



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May 28, 2010

Novelty Print of the Day -- 1960's Gigantic Butterflies Wiggle Dress

It's kinda rare to to find a print that's huge like this. Happy to have recently come across this lovely dress on Etsy! It looks like the big pretty butterflies were just painted with watercolors on the dress. I love the vibrant red. It even comes with a matching scarf that has dragonflies along with the butterflies on it. Gorgeous spring get-up!

For sale by whiteflufflyclouds on Etsy.

May 26, 2010

Weekend at the Lake

One of my many aunts owns an adorable cabin in Western Michigan and I had never been there before. Every spring and summer I hear her say, "Jesse, you've got to get to the cabin one of these days. I can't believe I've owned it for 11 years and you still haven't been there!" This year she decided to host a little mother-daughter retreat and I was SO HAPPY that I made the trip over. What a sweet bonding time with my mom, sister, aunts and cousins.

The mini weekend vacation was beautiful, complete with a toast at the bonfire Saturday night, and an unbelievably delicious breakfast Sunday morning.

I loved the smell of wood in the cabin so much. :)
Of course sis and I had to take a few fun shots! Felt like I was in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine ad in her cute little decorated rooms.

My mom told me to bring some snacks and I decided to pick up a few of my favorite chip flavors made by my favorite chip brand, Kettle of course.
They were a hit, yay!

Good times with my lil' Loli bear.

Here's where I slept. So cute and cozy!
Couldn't get over the rustic feel of the little place. I want to own a house by the lake one day.
My aunts and Mama making breakfast. Love these little Mexican ladies SO MUCH. ♥
The entire kitchen is decorated with coca-cola items. My aunt says to me, "don't ever walk in here drinkin' a Pepsi." Lol. Everyone collects SOMETHING I guess. ;)

I thought this little bed was THE cutest detail of the entire place. Isn't it darling?
So incredibly cozy.

Aaahh, weekend getaways are the best!
I even met a little friend. Though he looks a little grouchy, he's cute as a button, (and just a teeny bit bigger too) .

Bye, Mama. ♥
Bye, Cousins. ♥

Can't wait to get back to that little lakeside cabin again this summer.
I ♥ my family, and this is just a few of them. Unfortunately, there was this tragic news we found out about on Sunday, which is why some of my other relatives could not attend.
I know you've probably heard it many times, but
I was so down after hearing that my relatives lost two friends in that crash.
It made me feel so instantly grateful for my friends and family.
Life is so very fragile.

"Every moment's precious."

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