Oct 15, 2010

Woman in Tie

I give those dedicated outfit bloggers a ton of credit for what they do every single day. It took me forever to put this little get-up together. I was so excited to have recently bought a tie for myself (for the very first time too!) that I couldn't wait to mix it up with some other pieces.

How many of you use a big wool sweater as a coat for the Autumn season? Believe it or not my sis was going to get rid of the sweater I'm wearing in these pics, I'm lucky I snatched it up when I did, even if that did mean literally ransacking her give-away bags at the last minute. It's my go-to wool coat for these chilly days, it's vintage, and I LOVE how comfy and warm it is.

Even though temps are falling here, I'm so happy the sun is still around.
sun on face
chain purse
high angle
Excuse me while I adjust my tie. ;)
adjust my tie

Wearing a tie out yesterday was fun, and though I wasn't sure about adding the vest or not, I do like how it turned out with the colors of the rest of the outfit. Grey, green and cream aren't too bad of a trio.

p.s. Can I just take this time to say how much I love my yard? I do. I DO! I LOVE my yard. Where I lived before I had really no yard to myself because it was an apartment complex. I'm just so grateful for this new yard in my life now that I've moved. Who knew dead leaves could smell so good? And it is so very nice to look out of my window and see trees, grass, and a barn. It's the little things, dears, these simple little things. Just wanted to add this little part because I love what the colors of the leaves add to these pics.

wool sweater coat - taken last minute from my sister's clothing give-away bag
Adolfo wool hat - gift from my sweetie
white puff sleeve blouse - thrifted
grey double breasted vest - thrifted
green plaid tie - thrifted
pleated wool skirt - thrifted
knee high chocolate brown boots - gift from one of my best friends, (they were her grandma's at one time) Thanks, Abby!
chained wicker purse - antique shop


  1. agh! you're so cute! love the outfit!

  2. I love the outfit you're wearing in this post... great ensemble!.... wonderful blog, by the way :) Paris in Pink

  3. Love the tie and sweater! Pretty color combination.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  4. Thanks girls! You're all encouraging me to post more outfits . . . and more often! xo

  5. I *love* this--you look like an updated Annie Hall! Perfect. Also, you have me thinking I should drag my decade-old J Crew super-long sweater out of storage.

  6. Karen, I have heard a few comments on this blog saying my outfits are lil' Annie Hall reminders. Sadly, I've never even seen the movie! I know what I'm watching next on netflix! xo


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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