Oct 11, 2010

Music Monday, In A Matter of Speaking.

I first heard this beautiful song when I went to the theater to see the movie A Mighty Heart. The song started playing during the credits and I couldn't leave the theater until it was over. After I got home, I had to look it up and buy it. So glad I did, because I found out this band sings many lovely tunes! This is not the real video below for the song, but someone put it together on youtube from old film footage of women of yesteryear, and I like how it gives the song a bit of a different meaning regarding the expression of women.

Nouvelle Vague, In a Matter of Speaking.


  1. I believe this song was written by Martin L. Gore, from Depeche Mode. I LOVE this version as well....also the video is quite incredible!

  2. I thought it might be a remake, (saw that they did many remakes) Thanks for the info!

  3. Love Nouvelle Vague and this video is ace :)

    Sally from Louder Than Silence x


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