Oct 13, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist :: A Double-Breasted Coat in Cream

Lately I've been looking online and in some of my favorite brick and mortar vintage boutiques for the perfect vintage winter coat. I've decided that I want a cream-colored double-breasted coat because in one of my searches I came upon these few below and they have me convinced! I almost always buy dark colors to wear - sadly and simply because I know that I am accident prone and tend to get stains on any light item I ever try to incorporate into my wardrobe. boo! Any of you have this happen to you often?

My favorite choice
of all is a little out of my price range, but I thought about asking my boyfriend to go halfsies with me on it.
(maybe this could be my birthday gift?)
Something about that dollar amount tells me he might not agree.

Below are a few a little less expensive. Gorgeous, aren't they?




  1. Oh wow! That first cream coat is stunning. Half cape half coat...The best of both worlds!

  2. loving the first and last!
    I have so many coats I need to stop buying them , I want to keep them all! LOL


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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