Oct 14, 2010

The Lights

I've probably already said this a few times, but I'm usually attracted to dark colored clothes, I suppose because 1. I've always thought they look better with my skin tone and 2. they're harder to stain, and stains love me. *sigh*

For those of you who can pull off of the lights, I think these few pretties are illuminating the shop quite nicely, don't you think so?



  1. They are pretty but I am a stain magnet for sure as well! Welcome to the Dark Side :)

  2. Hey--you changed your blog header again! I like it!

    Love these, especially that cream colored dress with the ascot neck. And I love wearing darker colors normally, too--but my rationale is because I look too pale in paler colors! :D I am trying to branch out, though.

  3. GGS, if you're anything like me you have plenty of oxyclean in the house!

    Thank you, Karen! I'm trying to find my authentic blog header/title. (work in progress):)


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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