Oct 11, 2010

The Monday Seven

In a perfect world, I would list at LEAST 7 items per day in my little vintage shop. Ah, but back to reality, it is a good feeling when I CAN do that here and there like today. I'm kind of in love with that last light gray dress, isn't she a beauty?! Keep an eye out for her and the rest of these 6 vintage goodies, as they should be up in le boutique by tonight. xoxo

Vintage Leather Blazer Jacket, 1970's
Vintage Gray Wool Skirt, 1970's
Vintage Blush Pink Sheer & Satin Dress, 1970s
White Rabbit Fur Coat1960's Leather DressVintage Sheer Dress with Beaded Appliques
Vintage Classic Black Velvet Blazer Jacket

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