Jul 23, 2010

Take a girl like that and put her in a natural setting

Here's a little Friday shop update of red, white, and black. I'm very guilty of putting probably way too much of my favorite 3 colors in the shop.

Enjoy your weekend, dear blogger friends. ♥

Oh, and the title of this post comes from the fun song below!

sequined silk dress

cream satin dramatic sleeve blouse

floral cut-outs swimsuit

rockabilly bombshell lipstick red halter dress

40's vintage pleated black skirt

80's bodycon mini dress in bright cherry

pleated polka dot mini skirt

rhinestone center maxi dress, 1970's

high waist black pencil skirt

Listening to: Beethoven (I love to listen to) by the Eurythmics.
This melodramatic performance by Annie Lennox is fabulous, love her!

Ever have one of these kind of days?
Domestic Bliss gone awry!

♫ Some women think that they don't count. . .♫

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  1. lovely post! i adore red, white, and black =]


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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