Feb 2, 2011

I want to dress how she is painted

Camila do Rosário's illustrations are some of the prettiest I've ever seen.This one below especially, immediately attracted my eyes. I wonder if the artist was inspired by Frida Kahlo for this particular piece, the hair made me think so.  I LOVE the outfit - the colors, the flowers and feathers, the details on the blouse. This outfit would be my favorite if it were a part of my closet.

View the rest of the artist's work here on her flickr page.


  1. you know this would be an awesome halloween costume to put together, but im sure only you, me and your followers would know who you are.
    ahhhhh love the colors, feathers and hands, reminds me of a necklace i have!

  2. Her artwork is so beautiful! This one reminded me of Frida as well :) I was Frida for Halloween two years ago and it was probably one of my favorite costumes to date :)


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