Oct 8, 2010

Love Shack

Once there was a girl who loved a very sweet and creative man. The man started to rent a plain old apartment on the west side of town. Said he, "I shall take 1 month to make this place my own." So he worked and worked and worked and worked, and finally called it good. That evening he invited his love to view what was the finished space and so happy was she with the end result, that she decided to write a little blog post to show the man how proud she was of him. :)

hi sweets. ♥
The snake on the light makes me laugh!
I love this boy's aesthetic. All of those plants made me feel like I was in a botanical garden.
Growing a passion fruit plant right in the living room. Impressive!
Loves thrifting as much as I do.This vintage pipe ashtray is a recent find.
good job, honey!
AND I made some new aquarium friends: 1. the slowpoke
2. the grouch
3 & 4. the crab and toad
5. The hiding newt. (I love this picture so much, reminds me of an alien.)

I'm very inspired now to make my own space just how I want it.
Pics to come soon. . . (I hope) ;)

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  1. wow! go mike! place looks awesome. excited to see you both SOON (I hope!?)


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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